About the Site

Ranneveryday is a food and lifestyle blog started last December 2012. It started as the blogger's personal blog until recently this 2014, was converted into a food/lifestyle blog. "Everything, everyday!" is the tagline of this blog, which happened to be also the title of the blogger's first (but deleted) personal blog.

"Ranneveryday," from the name "Ranne" which is the blogger's nickname, and the word "Everyday" to combine the blogger's blog tagline.

This blog shares the happenings around the blogger. It aims to:
  • Review food, products, gadgets, restaurants, hotels, and more;
  • Share Do-it-Yourself ideas that people may want to learn and try;
  • Give information about upcoming events like lifestyle events, cosplay, gaming, promos, etc;
  • Share easy-to-cook and easy-to-make recipes;
  • Share in trend topics/ideas about Fashion, Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle;
  • and a lot more!

For invitations and collaborations, feel free to e-mail me at ranneveryday@gmail .com or fill out our contact form.