Plan Your 2023 Ahead

Plan Your 2023 Ahead Ranneveryday

"New Year, New Me!" is what we usually chant as the new year approaches, together with your new year's resolution. Have you planned your resolution for the next year? For today's post, we would like to give some ideas on what to plan for the next year.

Finding A New Hobby

Let your creative juices flow by exploring a new hobby. This 2022, I got myself into journaling both physically (using planners) and digitally (using Notion). I tried knitting but I guess that hobby isn't for me. This 2023, I want to read more books and plant. A new hobby will definitely keep us distracted especially if we need to reduce time facing our computers and phones.


Maybe it's now time to declutter your closet. Choose which clothes you want to wear and you can either give the excess clothes to charity, or to relatives or you can make an income from it by doing a garage sale together with the other home items that you think you won't need.

Financial Budgeting

With the inflation and rising necessities but the salary remaining the same, our allowance allocation usually is not being followed hence resulting in a messy budgeting situation. You can try a budget planning calculator online to help you have a rundown of the things you need to consider for budget planning.

Stay Healthy

We highly suggest doing a yearly general check-up. If you have an HMO, you can ask them if it's possible for you to avail of a general check-up. This will help you to know what things you need to do or what food you need to avoid. Staying healthy is not about going to the gym and eating healthy food. You need to know your body's whole condition as well.

Try Traveling

This year, we tried going to different provinces. It's been one of the best highlights for me this 2022. You can try traveling as well. If you consider getting a new vehicle, either a motorcycle or a new car, you can try calculating the prices first. Commuting is not a bad idea either and you can explore budget hacks while commuting as well.

Explore Prompts

Prompts have been popular this 2022 and you can apply them for 2023 as well! You can search online for some prompts that you can try. I already found some and I hope I will get lazy enough to complete them.

I hope 2023 will be a fruitful year for everyone! Let's welcome the new year afresh and full of determination. From us at Ranneveryday, we wish a happy 2023 to you all!

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