New Brand Identity for Worldwide Internship Philippines; Name Change to EDIPHI

New Brand Identity for Worldwide Internship Philippines; Name Change to EDIPHI

Worldwide Internships Philipines is proud to introduce EDIPHI as its new brand, with a new name and logo released.

Ediphi has spent the last six years steadily improving and expanding education beyond the classroom through cutting-edge career training and internships. As it continues to collaborate with students, schools, and universities, Ediphi now has its sights set on the metaverse. Ediphi, a company that focuses on tourism and hospitality, offers foundational education, upskilling, and reskilling to support career placement and advancement in this constantly changing environment.

“We felt it was time for an upgrade. We refreshed our company name and logo to reflect who we are today and what our future stands for. These days, our company- Ediphi harnesses the power of the metaverse while expanding access to education and pathways to leadership. Our transformational technology enables us to bring training to remote and historically underserved communities, creating new opportunities for students wherever they live,” Ediphi CEO Cristina Imperial Carl said.

New Brand Identity for Worldwide Internship Philippines; Name Change to EDIPHI
Seated sixth and seventh from left: Ediphi CE- Cristina Imperial Carl, and COO- Vanessa Jopillo with the entire EDIPHI Team.

Through the use of Web3 and Extended Reality (XR) technology, Ediphi's novel approach combines synchronous and asynchronous delivery of educational course content. Along with live webinars and individualized guidance, the courses offer blockchain certification, immersive classrooms, and VR training modules. Our virtual and international internship programs serve as a complement to our classroom instruction by educating students for careers in their fields of interest and preparing them to lead. Ediphi offers adaptable courses and just-in-time modules to meet the specific needs of schools and hotels, including fundamental hard-and-soft skills training.

“Ediphi is a fusion of two words, a portmanteau of the word edify which means to learn, train and propagate knowledge. The 2nd word is from Phi, the Greek letter used to signify wisdom and the golden ratio of everything that affects the conditions of man as a whole. The union of these 2 powerful words speaks volumes about our company’s brand DNA. Ediphi is built by passionate people, for passionate people,” says Ediphi COO Vanessa Jopillo.

Additionally, Ediphi now provides the following programs: the Bridge USA Exchange Visitor Program (J1), internship programs in Europe (Spain and France), Asia (Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia), virtual training lab programs, remote internship programs, hybrid internship programs, VR/AR training programs, blockchain credentialing, Canada Work and Study Program, and corporate training programs. Visit their website at for more details.


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