Soul Hackers 2 - First Impressions

Soul Hackers 2 - First Impressions Ranneveryday

Atlus is back to present Soul Hackers 2! A turn-based role-playing game that brings you to discover a supernatural RPG filled with trendy summoners and sinister horrors hiding beneath the neon lights of cyberpunk in Japan. 

Soul Hackers 2 takes place in a near-future metropolis where humans and demons dwell in secret, with certain humans forming pacts with demons to become Devil Summoners.  Aion, a higher artificial intelligence that formed within cyberspace, predicts a world-ending calamity delivered by an entity known as the Great One during the game's introduction. Aion displays two aspects of themselves, Ringo and Figue, as persons to infiltrate the human world and save mankind as a key to avoiding the coming of the Great One.

Our First Impression

Excellent art style. Everything seems pretty nice, from the people to the settings, the demons, the visual effects, and so on. Whatever is going on screen, the colors truly jump and seem lively. Not only are the character models crisp and expressive, but they also move really well. I have no complaints about the presentation of Soul Hackers 2.

The dungeon crawling is quite tiresome. The dungeons are primarily made up of bare-bones passageways that you must sprint straight through to reach the next battle or plot event. There are few differences in scenery - mostly just halls that you sprint straight through. 

Check out our full review on our blog. Soul Hackers 2 is now available on Playstation 4 and 5, Steam, and XBox One.

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