A Journey to Blogging by Ranneveryday

A Journey to Blogging by Ranneveryday

Being in the blogging industry for years has taught me so many things. The do’s, don’ts, pros and cons, and what you need to remember when going to events, meeting with influential people, and introducing the brands that you’ll advertise have been the things that I carry since then. As someone who’s passionate about food, gaming, and lifestyle, being in this industry has been part of the big growth for me as the person I am now.

Starting the Blog

Ranneveryday started as a personal blog of mine, to which I want to share all the events, things, and food, travel, and other experiences that I tried. As months go by, my mentor taught me about trying out being a full-time blogger and meet brands so I could share more about my experiences and try to gain more audiences. 

Started last 2014, I start to become active in attending different blog events related to lifestyle especially food-related. Since then, I converted my site into a Food and Lifestyle blog. My food reviews have started to settle down on my site that they became my regular postings on a daily basis. Aside from that, I also shared easy-to-cook dessert ideas on my YouTube channel and my channel has grown from 0 to almost 10,000 subscribers. 

It was 2017 when I started my side-blog, Reverie Wonderland, which now focuses on the things I enjoyed the most outside the industry I currently belong to – gaming and collections. I started sharing some of the photos of my toy collections, sharing visual novel walkthroughs, and game reviews.

The Blog Until Now

Because I am currently employed being a full-time Digital Marketer for a local Filipino restaurant, I still keep my tabs writing and posting articles related to Food, Lifestyle, and Gaming. My experience during the years have thought me what are things that you need to consider being a blog that shares information on your audience. Posts must be relevant, informative, non-biased and I personally want to promote a brand that I think will be helpful not just for me but for my audience as well.


I’ve been receiving partnerships and one of the most notable for me is being partnered with a proxy shipping website from Japan. Their marketing team has been really kind to me and since I really am into Anime and games, partnering with them had been really close to my heart and I believe I gave my all to promote them on different social media platforms like on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Aside from that, opportunities to do blog reviews of popular restaurants have been a great experience for me. Not just about the food but it's mostly about how they became a successful restaurant up until now. Hearing their hardships and success has left mark on me to remember that being in this industry was never easy but has been really fulfilling once you get a hang of it.

Goals and Future Plans

Like Paula Rosales, I have set a goal for myself and for my readers as well. Aside from postings, I would like to continue sharing different reviews and experiences on my blogs. Despite having a big workload, this will not stop me to share posts that are close to my heart. Until now, all the learnings I’ve learned for years have been etched on my mind and will continue to apply them. 

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