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As someone who works from home, things can get boring especially when you are on the kind of job that requires you to wait for your next assignment to be done. I tend to play console games during those free times. But at most times I don't want to play too complicated games because of the type of work that I do. I decided to browse online to check if there are any browser games that I can play for fun and also free. I didn't get disappointed with the games I have found so I decided why not share the games that keep my mind energize as well.

Here are some of the games that I've been constantly playing thru the browser. Aside from being free, it does not lag the browser as well so these have been pretty easy for me to casually play during free time.

Space Adventure Pin Ball

If you are looking for space pinball from browser games, I recommend trying this Space Adventure Pinball. The controls aren't complicated (arrow keys are the basic controls) and the graphics are honestly visually pleasing.

I love how Space Adventure Pinball can give you points on different areas to which the pinball touched. And let us add the sound effects as well. You can play the game here.

Super Tetris

My Tetris skill had been tested for this game and I can say that this game is one of my top favorites. Super Tetris is easy to play. Controls are available at the bottom of the game screen. I so love the graphics plus I am such a sucker for Tetris games. If you want your brain to be challenged, I highly recommend trying this one.

I can say that this is one of the Tetris games that I have played which contain important game details that can be used to get high scores such as a preview of the upcoming bricks and a preview of bricks before you place it on the game area. You can easily swap the bricks as well. You can play the game here.

Tap Supermarket

Feeling like looking for a bit more challenging game? Tap Supermarket is a simulation game that lets you run a supermarket just by tapping things around. It might look easy, but it is not! You need to have fast click reflexes, especially once you have enabled every item available to be sold per shelf. Of course, you don't want your customers to keep on waiting so you need to click the cashier area fast.

Earning money is easy for this game but you need to be fast, especially in the stock room area. You might wonder why I want to play a simulation game during break. Well, it keeps my brain and body reflexes to stay awake at least. Plus I love simulation games as well so seeing the thrill of completing the supermarket shelves is pleasing for me. You can play the game here.

Wording Word Spelling Puzzle Game

Wording Word Spelling game is a simple game where players connect the letters to form words. As you level, it gets harder and words needed are getting plenty as well and you need to hunt the required words to be able to proceed to the next level.

You can try playing the game by clicking here. I recommend trying this game especially if you want to challenge your mind and also can help you discover more words.

Pac Rat Game Inspired by Pac Man

Last and definitely not least, if you enjoy playing Pac-Man, why not try Pac-Rat as well? 

You can clear levels and score just by eating all the cheese around and of course, avoid getting caught by cats. It is basically the same as the Pac-Man game but Pac-Rat is played for free and is available and playable on the browser.

You can play the game here. The game is really fun to play and challenging as well. The visuals and the sound are suitable and help the game to be more enjoyable.


Fast Typer Game: Measure Your Keyboard Typing WPM

Test how fast and accurate your typing skills with the Fast Typer Game. And as you can see on the image below, mine isn't as fast as others. Aside from measuring the speed, this game can also help you to spell words accurately as well.

You can try playing this game here. There is another typing game for free! You can check the other typing games here.

A good friend of mine recommended visiting the Plays.Org website for free browser games. And since then, I explored more and more games available on their site. What I like the most is the site not having pop-up ads, unlike the other sites that offer free browser games. And most of the games available are browser friendly so it doesn't lag the browser too much.

I often visit the newly added games which you can check here. How I love playing browser games because I don't need to check or hold any console and just stick to my laptop and have some fun during breaktime.

Do you have any favorite browser games? Let me know in the comment section which is your favorite past-time game. Thanks for reading!

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