Build Your Own Hospital with Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital PS4 Ranneveryday

Why dream to become a doctor if you can become a hospital owner? If you are into simulation games like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, Two Point Hospital is here!

If you need a game to chill after the stressful day, Two Point Hospital by Sega is a newly released simulation game that is available for PS4, Nintendo Switch and for PC gaming. Set at the city of Two Point, your challenge is to build a hospital for the community to cure different kinds of illnesses.

Two Point Hospital PS4 Ranneveryday

The graphics are great! And you can customize each room and set its size, put the doors, windows and other necessary hospital equipment. Hire designated employees such as doctors, assistants, and janitors.

Make your way to be the best 5 - star hospital! As you play the game, you'll be guided on what things to consider to be the best hospital in town. This game will practice your creativity, budgeting, strategies and more.

Two Point Hospital PS4 Ranneveryday
My hospital having 3 stars as of the moment.

Be sure to visit their official website at for more info and to check where you could buy the game. Check out my gaming website for my personal thoughts about Two Point Hospital!

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