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Catherine: Full Body Impressions Ranneveryday

I always wonder why these lovely girls are into Vincent so much. I haven't finished playing Catherine: Full Body but the game is catchy in my opinion. As someone who loves to play games which are heavy in story content, I find this game entertaining and intriguing at the same time. So outside my usual food and lifestyle posts here on my blog, let's talk about gaming featuring Catherine: Full Body.

It is new to me to play a game in a man's perspective (let's set aside the RPGs which are battle mode focus games). Experiencing the situation as Vincent, I always complain on how annoying he can be and always giving my side comment about how he should just fix his problem. But maybe in reality, if I am a man being surrounded with 3 Catherines, I might not be able to think properly as well.

Catherine: Full Body focuses on Vincent's story, where he met the pink-haired Qatherine, the alluring Catherine and of course, let's not set aside his current girlfriend Katherine. Vincent as to climb and survive his "nightmares" everytime he's asleep or else, he will die in real life.

This game as mentioned above, is story heavy with matching puzzle solving/moving blocks to players can proceed to the next chapters. Definitely a recommended game to play for all the boys out there! (and girls as well).

I have made my full first impression of the game. Please check out my gaming blog! You can read the blog post here.

If you are interested on getting the game, be sure to check Epic Soft Asia here and grab a copy today!

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