SM City Marilao Empower Persons with Disabilities

SM City Marilao Empower Persons with Disabilities Ranneveryday

Wearing their person-with-disability pins, Sarah Jane Gonzales and Ryan Ortega beam with a smile as they serve the tasty hand-pulled noodles of Shou La Mien Hand-Pulled Noodles in SM City Marilao Foodcourt.

Every day Ryan Ortega meticulously stretch and knead each noodle dough into delicate and dainty goodness cuisine. While Sarah Gonzales put on her winsome smile as she enjoys working on the front line; dealing with customers and taking orders.

SM City Marilao similarly employs person-with-disability. Ralph Marlon Yu, who is an elevator operator, tirelessly show his ability in bringing utmost customer service to people.

While some perceive communication as a problem for hearing impaired people, Sarah Jane Gonzales, and Ryan Ortega as well as Ralph Marlon Yu yielded positive results as they prove to be productive contributors at the workplace.

Shou’s Area Supervisor Nenia Rose Fuentesdaynos shares that Sarah Jane Gonzales and Ryan Ortega’s passion, work ethic, and skills remove the stigma associated with PWDs. “Customers come back because of good service and satisfying meals” shares Shou’s Area Supervisor Nenia Rose Fuentesdaynos. She also added that their presence also serves as an inspiration to all people that PWDs can be productive contributors to any workplace. 

SM City Marilao Assistant Mall Manager Don Fiesta further explains that people with disabilities bring unique characteristics and talents to the workplace. “Our front-liners such as our janitors and security guards are more equipped and experienced in handling customers with special needs because apart from being advocates they work with these people” shares SM City Marilao Assistant Mall Manager Don Fiesta.

Empowering PWDs and continuing its advocacy as a mall-friendly to people with special needs, SM City Marilao recently conducted disability awareness training for its employees. The seminar focused on the proper ways of communicating and assisting people with disabilities. Rosters of speakers include Autism Society Philippines President Dr. Anawi Tolentino and National Council on Disability Affairs Planning Officer Mojaira Dela Cruz.

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