Take Care of Your Voice with Sorexidine Gargle

As someone who's working as a Digital Marketing Manager, talking to different people is part of my job as well. But during the days when the weather changes, it is easy for me to catch a cold or sometimes having a sore throat. Sorexidine Gargle by Pharex is here to help us to prevent sore throat problems.

Sorexidine Gargle contains Chlorhexidine Digluconate, an anti-bacterial agent that kills germs, which may cause sore throat and other oropharyngeal infections. Each small bottle measures 60ml.

Directions of use: Use 15ml of Sorexidine Gargle for 30 seconds twice a day. No need to add water. Do not swallow. For best results, do not rinse with water for 30 minutes after gargling.

I love the concentration because the taste is not too strong compared to other gargle solutions around, which can hurt the gums. Sorexidine Gargle has a hint of citrus in it and feels light when you gargle it.

Sorexidine Gargle is for external use only. Do not store it to places above 30℃ and in direct sunlight.

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