3 Laws You Have to Know When Driving in a School Zone

The school is one of the areas wherein drivers need to be extra careful. They do not want to cause any accidents. Even if schools have been around for a long time, drivers still have a lot of questions about how people should drive in a school zone. It is possible to speak with Sacramento traffic violation lawyers if you believe that you need more information about school laws in general.

Making a mistake while driving in a school zone will cause some problems. You may need to find a suspended license lawyer Santa Ana when this happens. These are three of the laws that you need to be familiar with so you will not run into any problems when driving in a school zone:

  • Watch Your Speed - It would still depend on the state that you are in but most schools will require that you do not go beyond 25 MPH when you are passing through school areas. Some would only watch their speed when flashing lights are on. The flashing lights will signify if the children are present. It is safer if you would always watch your speed whether there are children present or not just to stay safe.
  • Using Your Phone While Driving is not Allowed - This is something that people should do whether they are driving through a school zone or not. People are not allowed to speak on their phones while they are driving. It can cause some issues in the long run. Some drivers are allowed to speak with other people while driving provided that they have Bluetooth headsets. This means that they cannot use their other hand in order to speak. Those who are caught talking on the phone or texting while driving around school zones will be fined.
  • Be aware of the yield and stop signs that are located all over the area. There is a good reason why these signs are put up. These are not only for the students but also for the school buses that need to take children to and from school. Bus drivers have a harder task of driving larger vehicles. Follow the signs when you see them.

Failing to follow the traffic laws and regulations may require you to contact a traffic court lawyer to help you out.

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