Grand Chase is Back: Now on Mobile!

One of the best MMORPGs on PC - Grand Chase, is back! Grand Chase - Dimensional Chaser is back through the Assembly that was held at the Ballroom of Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig last June 23, 2018.

Rafael HS Noh, KOG Inc. Director, explaining the game play of Grand Chase - Dimensional Chaser.

Highlighting the Assembly was the presence and presentation of KOG Inc. Director, Rafael HS Noh, who talked about the Real-Time Strategy Action RPG Grand Chase - Dimensional Chaser, the globally renowned Korean game, which started pre-registration on June 13, 2018. 

Gamers and gamers at heart got to experience the much awaited game through the experiential booths provided during the event as they announced the game play of Grand Chase - Dimensional Chaser. 

The whole place was surrounded with life-sized character standees and some Cosplayers which gave each attendees a Grand Chase experience. Everyone got to enjoy the Photo Wall, Photo Booth, raffle prizes and specially unique giveaways present during the occasion.

Grand Chase - Dimensional Chaser has all the elements of the original Grand Chase plus new and exciting features. It includes an exciting combat system wherein players can attack numerous enemies with a simple tap and drag operation, a strategic team combo battle system up to a team of four members, directional skills and various sequence combo control makes this game action packed and intuitive. The background music "Hope" and the original characters of Grand Chase will makes users nostalgic. In addition, there are new 60 characters, new and enormous story line for mobile version. 

In cooperation with ELITE GAMES (KOG’s Philippines Publishing Partner), KOG will be releasing the game soon in the Philippines.

More updates are yet to be released soon! Be sure to catch it out on its official release. For more information about Grand Chase - Dimensional Chaser, please visit the official website and the official Facebook page.

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