Add to Buyee: A Step by Step Guide to Shop at Japanese Shopping Sites

Are you planning to buy some Japan-exclusive items and been worrying about the expensive fees? I recently discovered Buyee's newest feature called "Add to Buyee," where you can easily purchase item/s without the need of having a Japanese address (especially for items which are not available to be shipped Internationally). Sharing to you are the step-by-step guide on how to use this feature.

Buyee is a Japanese Proxy Service that lets you shop at different Japanese shopping websites. Buyee has been known as a service that caters bidding for International customers using Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Auction. They will bid for the item/s on your behalf and ship it to your address.

With "Add to Buyee," you can easily buy items from your favorite Japanese shopping sites. All you have to do is to have an account at Buyee, install a browser extension, enjoy shopping and pay for your item/s at Buyee and wait for it to arrive at their warehouse!

Register for an account

※ Access Buyee's website by clicking here. Click the "Get registered now" to start making your account. No registration fee required!

※ Enter a valid e-mail address on the space provided. Be sure that your e-mail address is active and you have a full access to it so that you can't miss an e-mail notification from Buyee whenever they send updates regarding your account or your package.

※ Follow the processes along the way. Be sure to put the complete and accurate information which is same as any of your valid ID.

Time to Shop! *Order your Item*

※ Once you're done making an account at Buyee, it's now time to shop! But before that, let's install the "Add to Buyee" browser extension first. At Buyee website, click the "Add to Buyee" button.

※ You will be redirected to the "Add to Buyee" page. Scroll down until you see the button below. Install the browser extension as you can see on the image.

※ Once done, go ahead to your favorite Japan Shopping site! You can see the available sites that can use the Add to Buyee feature here.

Since I always use Amazon Japan, I'll be using it as a reference. Head over to Amazon Japan website and let's start our shopping!

※ Once you have chosen a product, time to use the Add to Buyee Feature. Click the Buyee Extension at the top right of your screen. A small page will pop out as you can see on the sample image below. Let me explain each of the features:
  • 1 -  "Add to Buyee" browser extension
  • 2 -  Cart - click it to see your items added to your Buyee cart. Each item you choose at Japanese sites will be added here.
  • 3 - Choose "New product" if you want to avail the brand new item or the same product on the page.
  • 4 - You have an option to choose  'used product' and Buyee will buy the item for you using the brand new price as a reference.
  • 5 - The actual price of the product.
  • 6 - Here are some notes to consider when placing the item in your cart. Be sure to read them.
  • 7 - Click 'Add to Buyee Cart' once you are satisfied with the item.

※ You will get another pop-up "Added to Cart" if your item was successfully placed. Take note that you will get an error message if you order item/s which are not supported by Buyee. You can see the list of prohibited items here.

Keep on shopping until you are satisfied! Once you placed all the items that you want, click the browser button again and click the "cart." You will be redirected to Buyee Shopping cart.

※ Choose a plan for your item/s. Plans are available for your item's safety and inspection. Know more about the plans here. Proceed to the order page once you finished checking your item/s.

※ After clicking the 'Proceed to order page,' scroll down and look for the following:
  • 1. Choose which payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay or Buyee Points)
  • 2. Choose which of the two should be considered when your item/s are not available
  • 3. Click the "Accept the Terms and Condition"
  • 4. Click "submit order" once everything is all settled.

※ After submitting the order, be sure to wait for Buyee's e-mail for the notification if your item/s arrive on their warehouse. It takes 1 or more days depending on the number of items.

Deliver the Items *Ship your items to your country*

※ Check your item/s if it successfully arrived at Buyee's warehouse thru My Page > Package Information > Arrived Tab. Do you have multiple items arrived on different dates but you want it to be included in one package? Apply for consolidation. Know more about consolidation here. Before applying, please make sure that all of the items that you wish to consolidate have arrived at the Buyee warehouse.

Consolidation takes 1-2 days depending on your items.

※ Time to ship the items to your country of origin! Choose which shipping method is available from EMS/AIR/SAL/Seamail for International shipping. I highly recommend using EMS though it's a bit expensive compared to others. 

※ Pay the shipping fee! Once done, wait for Buyee's e-mail as they will send the tracking number of your package (if it's available). For EMS, it takes 3-4 days to arrive from Japan to here in the Philippines.

You can also watch this video to see how I order my item using "Add to Buyee:"

Now all you have to do is to wait for your package to arrive. My experience for this International shipping, our local postal office in our area will send a text message that a package has arrived with my name in it. They will be asking me to bring 1 valid I.D for verification and amount of Php 112.00 for PTCC (Presentation to Customs Charge) fee for this item. (The PTCC fee may vary depending on the weight of your package).

Just to let you know how many days it took me (from the ordering) until the arrival of the item, it took me 8 days. Here are the processes plus the number of days:
  • Ordering and payment for the items (1 business day)
  • Waiting for the items to arrive at Buyee's warehouse (3 business days for 6 items)
  • Package consolidation (1 business day)
  • Payment and processing of the items from Buyee (1 business day)
  • Shipping of the item from Buyee to Philippines Postal Office (3 days)

So there you have it! Here's how to order using "Add to Buyee" feature to your favorite Japanese shopping website. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

This post will be updated once processes changed. I will keep this post updated since I actively buy items from Japan. Catch you all soon!

Disclaimer: Thank you so much Buyee for having us!


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