BeamAndGo: Serving the Needs of OFWs and their Families

My mom and my sis are both working at Saudi Arabia for almost 8 years. They go home here in the Philippines every 2 years and will stay for a month only. Because of their hardwork, we were able to buy our very own house and finally said our good-byes to the inconvenience of renting. Aside from that, both of them are sending money to us every month so we could buy the basic necessities that we need. With the help of BeamAndGo, its easier to purchase our grocery needs and more. So what does BeamAndGo do?

BeamAndGo is a company that helps empower OFWs to take care of their family's needs. With the help of BeamAndGo, OFWs can use their salaries or remittances to buy electronic gift certificates (eGCs) to their beneficiaries and use the eGCs directly to purchase items in over 22 groceries, department stores and pharmacies nationwide.

How BeamAndGo Works

For OFWs worldwide, be sure to check and make an account at BeamAndGo's official website. Once you are done and you want to send eGCs, here are the easy steps:

1. Visit BeanAndGo store and select which product/grocery/department store is your target. Press 'Select' once done.

2. You will be directed to the next page, where you need to input the quantity or the total number of the product/eGC that you will be availing. If you have BeamAndGo discount code, you need to input it here.

3. Select a beneficiary. If you haven't added a beneficiary yet, just click the 'Add beneficiary' and put the right information. Be sure that the beneficiary has a valid ID (government, school or senior citizen ID) and you'll put the same information as the beneficiary's ID. Once done, check the 'I agree to the terms and conditions' and click 'Proceed.'

4. It's time for the check out! Choose which of the following payment channel is convenient for you. And then you are done!

Once everything is settled, you'll received text messages from BeamAndGo containing the eGC code, the OFW name and the beneficiary name. If you are the receiver, be sure not to delete it because it will serve as the eGC itself. Also, someone from BeamAndGo will call you to confirm if you receive the codes.

Redemption and Shopping Experience

My mom availed 3 pcs. of 500 Super8 Grocery Warehouse eGCs since Super8 Malolos is one jeepney ride away from home. I brought my dad for a grocery shopping to buy our basic needs and some snacks and drinks for summer. Once we've reached the place, I immediately went ahead to the customer service area and told them that I'll be using BeamAndGo eGCs. They asked for the text messages plus my valid ID on which I presented my voter's ID.

I didn't able to take a picture that much because the management forbid me from taking photos. As much as I want to make a video of my whole experience, they didn't allow me to do so.

Once we are done and ready to pay, the customer service representative from Super8 listed the codes in a sheet of paper and they encoded each code to the system. The whole process is easy. Also, they will ask you to delete the BeamAndGo messages.

Advantages of BeamAndGo

OFWs can use their salaries/remittances on buying eGCs using BeamAndGo. It is convenient for the beneficiaries because can buy items straight away from the chosen shop. Aside from this, OFWs can ensure that their money will be used in a right way. I guess everyone is aware that there are times where families will use the remittances on other expenses instead rather than buying the basic needs. To avoid this from happening, using BeamAndGo is one of the best way.

Be sure to visit their official website and social media channels to know more about the convenience of BeamAndGo. Will also try other department stores available using BeamAndGo and share my experience soon!

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