10 Things No One Tells You About Solo Travelling

Many of us romanticize the idea of solo travel! We dream about packing the duffel bag and hitting the road or jumping on the plane without consulting anyone after checking the deals. The idea surely thrills us, but it is not all rosy as it appears from the distance. The reality is a different story. The aim is not to discourage you but if you have solo travel plans, it is just that it is better to know the challenges that you may face and accordingly prepare for it. When travelling solo, the key is the preparations. If you are prepared for both good and bad, travelling alone is quite satisfying and enriching. Here are 10 things no one tells you about solo travel:

1. Isolation is challenging: Solo travel is not all about Instagram-filtered beaches or food, at times you feel so isolated and bored that you start to miss any human interactions. There are days when there is no conversation past ‘Hello.’ There are weeks without affection and you crave for a hug from your loved one or miss your mom’s home cooked meal. But if you overcome the feeling of isolation, it can be reflective and you get time to reconsider what is that you want from life. No money can buy this luxury. 

2. People try to get friendly: This is all a more trouble for solo women travelers. Most people feel that women solo travelers are extraordinary and can at times produce culture shock and stir a torrent of personal questions. From downright pushy to friendly attention is inevitable in several places.

3. You pick up new skills: As there is no one to rely on to fix the flat tire or read the map, you are sure to pick up new skills that makes you a better individual. By the end of the trip to best solo travel destinations you will surely be a lot more independent and you master the art of problem-solving. 

4. World is still kind: When solo traveling you will realize that the world is not that bad. You will find strangers who will click numerous pictures of yours on tourist spots or help you find the way to club or hotel after you have stumbled aimlessly around the main street. These moments are priceless and reinstate the faith in humanity. 

5. Confidence pays: You need to be prepared, informed, and confident to avoid the worst-case scenarios when solo traveling. If people will feel that you know what you are doing, you are less likely to attract the unwanted attention. It is best to have a map in the hand and have an idea about how much the things will cost before you buy them. This way you will never be lost in an unknown land. 

6. Health risk: Falling sick when you are traveling alone is the biggest trouble. It is comforting to have your special someone when you fall sick and more so when you are in a foreign land. It is generally risky to get any kind of treatment done in a different city or country. In case of solo traveling it becomes difficult to deal with the allergic reactions, insect bites, severe fevers, and stomach infections. 

7. Don’t play safe: When solo traveling, don’t play safe. Go for skydiving or para gliding or bungee jumping as it is liberating. Don’t hold yourself only because you are alone. As long as you stay in touch with people you need not worry about anything. Best part of doing things alone is that there is nobody to laugh or mock at you when you do such things. You can look for solo travel deals to save money. 

8. Safety should be the priority: Safety is a key consideration for the travelers when traveling solo. It is important to be respectful to the dress code, local customs, and cultures especially in the areas where there are strict religion and women rights. Trust your sixth sense, if you feel that the bar or an alley is dingy, restrain from going there. It is advisable to check the travel advisories and research about the local customs to be safe. 

9. Solo is fun: One example is that, when travelling solo in the United Kingdom, you will surely enjoy the nature, museums, classes, rides, spa etc. These things will only add to the list of amazing experiences. It is sometimes difficult to find a great hotel that offers inexpensive accommodation for solo travelers. For great discounts on traditional and unique accommodations, one can opt for booking.com holiday uk code and clutch an opportunity to enjoy their stay at an economical price.

10. People ask too many questions: When traveling alone be prepared to answer a lot of people. Some of the common questions that you might hear are, “Are you an exchange student?”, “Are you single?”, “Did you friends bail out at the last minute?” When you tell them that you are travelling alone, they might see with a lot of suspicion or just be bewildered at your choice of traveling alone. 

But at the end just remember that solo travel ideas are the best experience ever as you get to spend quality time with yourself. 

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