#SayChizu with Tori Chizu's Japanese Doria

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday

We recently visited this new restaurant located at SM Megamall. I was pleased with the visuals because well, it showcased their specialty which are Doria (ドリア) dishes with lots of cheese! Tori Chizu is one of the growing restaurants located inside the said mall with lots of dining customers everyday. But was it worth eating there?

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday

Tori Chizu is located at the ground floor of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. They served Japanese-style dishes and known for serving Doria (Japanese Baked Rice or Japanese Rice Gratin). In each hot plate are layers of rice, meat, signature bechamel sauce, topped with mozarella cheese and more toppings to add more flavor. They have different varieties of Doria available so we decided to try two dishes.

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday
Chizu Curry Doria

Freshly-made baked rice with powerful flavor of Curry topped with mozarella cheese. This dish is worth the try especially if you love curry dishes. (Ala Carte - Php 145.00)

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday
Kani Takoyaki Doria

To my surprise, I like this Doria dish so much. Everything from the whole dish blends together. The combination of the Kani flavor plus the cheese on top is superb. (Ala Carte - Php 155.00)

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday

Aside from that, they also have other dishes available such as chicken and sandwich dishes.

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday
Hambagu Sandwich

An East meets West this, with toasted and buttered shokupan (Japanese bread), juicy burger patty, fresh veggies, drizzled with their secret sauce and of course, the cheese. (Ala Carte - Php 125.00)

Tori Chizu Japanese Doria Ranneveryday
Milkchiz Soft Serve Ice Cream

Of course it wouldn't be complete without having a dessert. The combination of creamy milk and cheese is good. (On cup - Php 35.00 ; On cone - Php 45.00)

One thing that is notable at Tori Chizu is indeed, each hot plate dish is freshly-prepared. For the price, its not that bad. It's just that after eating one, it makes you crave for more. I would love to visit them again and try their chicken dish.

You can watch the video here to check out the actual dish:

During the time that we visited and had lunch, we noticed this one staff that almost do all the job (cleaning the table, serving food and attending to customers when called). I didn't able to get his name but a big applause to this hardworking staff. Even though its noticeable that he's already tired, he still keeps that big smile on his face.

If you are craving for some Japanese dish and you are a cheese lover (like me!), Tori Chizu is one of the places to visit and try their dishes. Freshly-prepared, friendly staff, and price-worthy! #SayChizu!

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