10 Reasons Why Hawaii is the Best Country to for Vacation

Everyone has a dream vacation that they would want to take in their lifetime. With so many wonderful locations and amazing destinations to pick from, the options are indeed many. However, an increasing number of holidaymakers confess that they would prefer to go to Hawaii. After all, millions of visitors arrive in Hawaii every year from all across the world, and the majority of them are from the U.S. Thus if you are thinking about where to head for a dream vacation, make it Hawaii. And here are some good reasons to do so and book your Hawaii beach homes now.

1. Amazing weather and special charm

Hawaii boasts of a great and salubrious weather the whole year round. However, the peak season begins in mid-December and the islands become quite busy. The temperature average ranges from 63F to79F. Hawaii has a special charm, and it is simply impossible not to get addicted to the country, its islands, and beautiful spots.

2. Converse freely in English

Language should not be an issue here at all for the tourists as English is the main language here and the language of travel. Thus, it is much easier to converse with the locals for the international travelers who visit the islands. Hawaii is unique demographically as it has the maximum percentage of Multiracial and Asian Americans as well as the lowest percentage of White Americans.

3. Easy accessibility and convenience

Hawaii is very easy to access, and it is convenient to explore its islands because of great networks of the transport system and connectivity. Honolulu International Airport is the primary airport, which is located on Oahu. Other bigger islands have their own airports. More than twenty million passengers arrive here and enjoy direct connections with the rest of the world.

4. Great resorts and beach homes

Join thousands of other tourists who simply love staying at the lovely resorts and villas in Hawaii. One can easily make their bookings at one of those beach homes and resorts based on their preference and budget. There are a vast variety and assortment of choices in resorts, beach homes, and motels, right at the center of the action. Make the most out of your trip without placing a string in your wallet and enjoy the best of hospitality and other services. Accommodations are nature-inspired and serve fresh seafood meal and looking at the facilities and customer services; they are certainly worth the price.

5. Loads of Natural beauty and Wildlife

The Hawaiian Islands boasts a stunning nature that is teeming with rainforests, volcanoes, and waterfalls. The beaches are simply endless in number. Hawaii offers abundant opportunities for eco-exploration that comprise of serene underwater reefs and inspiring volcanoes. Hibiscus, gardenias, plumerias are a few of its attractions in flora. As for the fauna, you will come across sharks, whales, spinner & bottlenose dolphins, bird species, and sea turtles, and much more.

6. Diversity of activities

Hawaii provides a multitude of various activities to its tourists and travelers. You can book a snorkeling tour, go surfing or parasailing or even swim with dolphins. Other activities to pick from include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, deep sea fishing, swimming, and kiteboarding.  Get some experience with the nature adventure and visit active lava flows.

7. Endless number of Great islands

Hawaii is world famous for its islands, and each island seems better than the other and unique in its offerings. After all, each island carries its own charm and personality. O'ahu, the capital island will simply sweep you away with its vibrant energy and the general atmosphere that comes with the hustle and bustle of city life. You get to enjoy a fine accommodation and dining experience in O'ahu. Maui offers a small something for everyone, and the island is simply great for beach bums and is a fine location for all visitors. Many folks pick Maui as their honeymoon destination. Big Island is another big favorite and for good reasons. It is huge, and the most diverse of all the Hawaiian as one comes across lush jungles, barren grasslands, snow-capped mountains and lava field. Kilauea, birthed by volcanoes on the Big Island, is the youngest isle. Come here if you love nature and love to hike. It is truly a great paradise for anyone who loves outdoors. Moloka'i is where Hawaiian traditions run strong, and you learn to live life again at Lana'i. Each of those islands and more boast of beautiful flora and fauna that abounds around the island. 

8.Incredible Nightlife

Hawaii h boasts of the huge array of bars with dance parties of international standards. There are great food and drinks plus hot DJ’s and international acts and a lot more. You can always check out the galleries, and street entertainment after dark for low-cost entertainment.

9. Traditional Hawaiian Food

You must try at least one traditional Hawaiian food while in Hawaii. Order dishes like chicken long rice, kalua pork, squid luau, laulau, poi and lomi salmon. This is your chance to get to know the true tastes of the islands with an authentic Hawaiian meal. Nothing can compare to the freshness and variety of seafood selection in Hawaii.  Enjoy a variety of tropical fruits such as guava, pineapple, lychee, and more. A top-notch cup of coffee is a must, thanks to the local coffee plantations. Hawaii is also known for its abundance of fusion foods.

10. One of the best Family Friendly destinations

Hawaii is simply perfect for families with children. ‘Keiki,' the Hawaiian word for children, are welcomed everywhere, and there are plenty of fun offers and activities for the whole family and children, with low-cost attractions with clubs, menus, and museums.

Are your backpacks and swimsuits ready? Its time to spend the season at Hawaii and bring the whole family and friends. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind holiday and summer destination. Check out which hotels/villas to stay, plan the whole itinerary and of course, have fun!

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