Satisfy Your Cravings with Unli Ramen + Unli Maki at Shinzen Japanese Cuisine

Yes, you heard it right! Nothing beats the unlimited Ramen dish and unlimited Maki rolls during the cold season. Shinzen Japanese Cuisine offers "Unli promo" for only Php 249.00 which you can avail everyday.

Shinzen Japanese Cuisine Malolos

Shinzen Japanese Cuisine is located at McArthur Highway, Tikay, Malolos City (walking distance from one of Malolos' famous dessert shop Eurobake). Shinzen offers different Japanese dishes from sushi, teppanyaki, ramen, maki rolls and other known Japanese dishes which are sumptuous and affordable.

What's more, they are currently offering the Eat-All-You-Can Ramen and Maki Rolls which costs Php 249.00 per person. You can avail the promo from 2:00PM - 5:00PM everyday. Here are the ramen and maki roll varieties that you can enjoy:

  • Pork Chasu Ramen (must try!)
  • Seafood Ramen
  • California Maki
  • Spicy Salmon Maki
  • Crispy Maguru Maki

You can enjoy those dishes with unlimited refill of red iced tea. And don't worry! The price might be cheap but the food, in terms of taste and quality are delicious and fresh!

Pork Chasu Ramen with Steamed Gyoza and Red Iced Tea Shinzen Malolos
Pork Chasu Ramen with Steamed Gyoza and Red Iced Tea.

Seafood Ramen Shinzen Japanese Cuisine Malolos
Seafood Ramen.

If you avail the promo, you are eligible to avail their discounted dishes which costs for only Php 49.00/dish or dessert per person. Here are the list of dishes:

  • Pineapple or Watermelon Shake
  • Kani Sashimi
  • Chicken Teriyaki Roll
  • Mango Tapioca
  • Steamed Gyoza (must try!)

California Maki Rolls Shinzen Japanese Cuisine Malolos
California Maki Rolls.

Watch the video here for more:

Time to feast and enjoy this promo before it's late!

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