Discover the Tastiest Gelato from Mio Gelati this October!

Calling out all gelato fans and foodies - are you dreaming of decadent gourmet gelato flavors? No need to wait longer as Mio Gelati is opening its first ever store this October 2017! A healthier but creamier version of your favorite dessert is now available at the third floor of Ayala Vertis North. Go beyond your usual gelato scoops as Mio Gelati Ayala Vertis North is going to offer delectable gourmet gelato flavors that you can't find anywhere else. 

Gelato lovers and foodies will now be able to enjoy a fusion of sweet treats that will feel like you stepped in a dreamland of unicorns and fairies. Love marshmallows? You'll definitely fall more in love with their Smorsicles! If you are looking for a little bit more filling, the Wafflelatto will surely excite you. Experience a new twist to your classic favorite!  These dreamlike concoctions and more can only be seen in their flagship store soon and Ayala Vertis North.

smorsicles mio gelato ranneveryday
Join in the sweet journey as Mio Gelati holds its soft opening on October 12. Check out this teaser and have your eyes feast with the delicious sweets wthat awaits you at Mio Gelati!

The sweet fairy tale doesn't end there as Mio Gelati will formally welcome gelato lovers and foodies to their new home! The grand opening of Mio Gelati will be on the 26th of October. So be sure to mark your calendars and invite your friends!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #MioGelatiVertisNorth. See you there!

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