Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO

Among all of the J7 series released by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO is my favorite. This unit was released last July 2017 and is currently available nationwide. Curious about how it looks like and what's inside the box? Are you having thoughts of buying one for yourself? Read down below to know more about Samsung J7 PRO.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is available in 16GB and 32GB internal memory. My unit is 32GB and since I availed my unit thru Smart Postpaid, there are lots of pre-installed apps or bloatware such as iFlix, PayMaya, and other apps partnered with Smart.

Here are the items you can see inside the box:

samsung galaxy j7 pro
The unit - Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO

The unit offers a full metal finish, with 5.5 inch FHD Super AMOLED screen. I am still uncertain if it has a corning gorilla glass but so far, I can assure that it's scratch-resistant. The front and back camera has 13 megapixels with supporting flash.

The right side of the unit

The right side of the unit with (1) the phone's speaker; and (2) the power key.

The left side of the unit.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro can support two nano sim-cards and micro SD card up to 256GB. You can see the (3) Volume up button; (4) Volume down button; (5) Nano sim card slot for Sim 1; and (6) nano sim card slot for sim 2 and separate micro SD card slot.

Quick Start Guide.

You can see this thin Quick Start Guide next to the unit. It contains the guide for proper charging of the unit for the first time, the unit parts and how to take care of the unit.

Other accessories inside the J7 Pro box. 

Card ejection tool.

Samsung earphone with microphone, 3.5mm jack.

Micro USB to USB cable for charging and file transfer.

Samsung USB plug for charging.

samsung galaxy j7 pro unboxing
Here are all of the items that you can find inside the Samsung J7 Pro box.


samsung galaxy j7 pro philippines specs

Some of my favorite features with J7 Pro are the Split Screen option, the Finger Scanner and especially the Game Launcher. With the Game Launcher, you have the option to choose the settings of the game such as high performance, normal performance and save power. The Game Tools inside the Game Launcher have different options for disabling phone notifications while you play, capture screen video and more.

I can't say more about the camera. I am satisfied with the 13px for both front and back camera. The video auto adjust itself as default when you happened to move to different places with different light settings.

Personally, I love using the Samsung J7 Pro. If I would compare it to other phone brands with the same price range as this, Samsung brand is still the best for me because of its durability and battery life.

You can check out my video below so you can see more about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.

Disclaimer: any part of this blog post is not sponsored.


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