Food and Fashion Adventure at YumYard Malolos

YumYard Malolos is back! Presenting their second season, YumYard offers more food choices, carefully planned dining area and most of all, they added The Balcony Bazaar for fashionistas around Bulacan.

Located along A.Mabini Street, YumYard is not actually a food park. It is a food and fashion hub that only opens every Friday to Sunday at 4:00PM to 12:00 midnight. Compared to food parks that are usually opens everyday, YumYard is also a fashion/bazaar fair where people can buy clothes, shoes, beauty products and other fashion accessories.

So what's new at YumYard Malolos?

* As of now, there are 17 food merchants available. 12 of them are new recruits, thus offer different food choices to customers. These merchants are open for feed backs so feel free to approach them.

* From simple Pinoy street food to family-sized dishes, Japanese and Mexican cuisines, waffles, smoothies and more are available here. Don't hesitate to start your gastronomic adventures with the whole barkada as the price ranges from Php 50.00 to hundreds, with most of them are good for sharing.

The oh-so big yet colorful burger from Fruity Burger.

Seafood Boodlefight (for 5-6 persons at Php 599) from Seafood Shack.

Steak with fries from Steak Versus Fries.

Japanese Katsu dishes from Kanto Katsu.

* Discount coupons are up for grabs. For every drink purchased, customers can get discount coupon from The Balcony Bazaar. Never missed trying their Mini Perya -  for every Php 50.00 worth of items purchased from YumYard/The Balcony Bazaar, customers can get a game stub that they can use to play for free.

* As I mentioned above, The Balcony Bazaar is located at the second floor of YumYard. Shop all you want from the 14 fashion brands from Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga for a weekly bazaar shopping experience.

* More dining space. With the new season of YumYard, they added additional space at the second floor. They carefully planned a new dining set-up and roofs to shelter customres when it rains.

Check out these photos for more of YumYard Malolos:

Oreo Loco from Wabbles.

Two flavors in one pizza? Possible from Cavs Pizza.

Smoothie Bowl from Namaste.

Best churros I've tasted so far! From Churros by Sophia.

Have you been there? Don't hesitate to leave a comment and share your experience!

YumYard Malolos
A.Mabini Street, Guinhawa,, Malolos City, Bulacan (Beside Greenville Hotel)
Opening Hours: Friday - Sunday | 4:00PM to 12:00 MN
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