TNC, SYBER and High Grounds Cafe Levels Up the E-Gaming Scene

A chance for e-gamers and enthusiast to level up the esports scene - As TNC Gaming, the Philippines’ top esports organization, Malaysian esports outlet, SYBER, and High Grounds Café, a premier gaming café, have announced a merger that will propel the presence of esports in the Philippines. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony happened last July 25th, 2017, at High Grounds Café located Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

TNC Manager Paulo Sy and SYBER Executive Officer CK Hung.

SYBER is a Malaysian esports outlet based in Malaysia that is currently expanding to ShanTou, China. It promotes the growth and development of esports by creating an exciting yet challenging, high-end environment that allows the scene to grow in the SEA Region.

A place which offers good food plus high-end gaming experience, High Grounds Cafe's position in the market allows them to differentiate itself from other internet shops and cyber cafes in the country. The café is powered by TNC Gaming, an esports organization in the Philippines, and by the gaming computer brand, Acer Predator.

Both SYBER and High Grounds Café will merge and improve the flourishing esports scene throughout the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China in order to build a healthy community in the region. This began with the  New Blood Tournament happened last July 26, which gave aspiring DOTA2 players the chance to break into the scene. 

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