Why You Should Try G9 Molecular Ice Cream at SM City Marilao

Ice cream has been my soft spot ever since. And I am sure that most of you loves ice cream too! How about an ice cream with liquid nitrogen? Yes, it's possible - as G9 Molecular Ice Cream is now available at SM City Marilao.

G9 Molecular Ice Cream offers Singapore's trendy frozen dairy treat. Their ice cream preparation is different from the usual way of making it. Each treat is made upon order with fresh fruits, ice cream paste flash - frozen with liquid nitrogen. For only 60 seconds at -196 degrees Celsius, liquid paste freezes giving it a smooth and creamy texture.

Prices starts at Php 149.00 per cup. Each cup has cup-shaped cones with 3 scoops of Nitrogen Ice Cream. Flavor varies from the usual up to fresh fruit flavors. Their all-time favorite cookies and cream, avocado, and mango flavor. Also available are Durian, Sea Salt and more!

Langka Flavor.

Durian Flavor.

Avocado Flavor.

Never miss trying their Smoky Popo ice cream pops. Each cup contains 6 Smoky Popo pops. Give a smoky show to your friends by biting it and blow!

Smoky Popo.

G9 Molecular Ice Cream was founded in Singapore last 2013 and currently has more than 200 stores all over Asia. Their first SM Store branch is located at the 2nd floor, SM City Marilao. Be sure to drop by and have your breezing cold ice cream fix.

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