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Planning to study or work abroad? Planning to get visa from a specific country? Let Fil-Global help you. Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation hosted a Wine and Cheese Immigration Night last 7th of August, 2017. Happened at Time Plaza, UN Avenue Manila, this immigration night is an intimate gathering for Fil-Global's valued members and partners and serves as venue for socialization and networking between guests and the members.

This Wine and Cheese Immigration night also serves as an event to celebrate achievements that happened to Fil-Global. Aside from the 3rd year Anniversary celebration, Fil-Global's Managing Director Bertch Ian Ranis shared that the Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) has granted Fil-Global Ltd the license to operate by the name of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (FGIS) which he considered the greatest gift to the company. 

Fil-Global's Managing Director Bertch Ian Ranis shared the company's latest achievement to partners and members during the Wine and Cheese Immigration Night.

FGIS is a world-class company that started in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement  to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and many others. The company is composed of professionals from many different sectors of industry who provide people from walks of life a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to study, work and live overseas.

JVB Travel and Tours, the official travel company of Fil-Global Corporation is composed of highly skilled professionals, from the mix-sector in the industry of Nursing Health Care, Socia-Civic and more for almost five years.

PTE Academic Centre, the official Englist Centre of FGC offers various English programs designed to meet the demands of diverse disciplines.

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation believes that taking the first step in achieving one's goal and dream may start from sharing moments, and by sharing moment is having an intimate talk while having a great wine and cheese to share.

If you're planning to study or work abroad, let Fil-Global help you. Visit their Facebook page or visit their office at 12 Floor, Regus Times Plaza Building United Nations Avenue cor. Taft Avenue Ermita, Manila.

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