Hotel Review: New Orleans Auberge Hotel Tagaytay

We decided to have a one-day vacation outside the city. And one of the places that we can go to which is one bus away from Manila is Tagaytay! But before going there, we first planned on which places should we visit and of course, which place should we stay for overnight. Thru Traveloka, we found New Orleans Auberge Hotel and I must say that my experience is not as for what I expected.

New Orleans Auberge Hotel is located just along the Tagaytay Rotonda. It’s a strategic place for me since from there, I can travel from Sky Ranch, Picnic Groove, and travel back to Manila without any hassle since from the Rotonda itself, all means of transportation is available.

For the budget of Php 5,000 for an overnight with the total of five persons, our overall cost using Traveloka app was just Php 4, 700+. I already expecting the place as a simple lounge hotel but my expectations was very different.

Room Features

Two twin size bed inside the room for five person.

Since we availed a room good for 5 persons, the room is spacious. I love the feel inside the room since there are a lot of windows and the natural light comes in. There are total of three beds inside: 2 twin-size beds for sharing and one single bed.

Our room is air-conditioned with fast WIFI connection. There’s also complimentary bottles of water (5 bottles) plus complete toiletries for five persons.

The bathroom is spacious at the same time. As you may noticed to my other hotel reviews, whenever there is a bath tub available I always check if it’s clean enough to use. And yes for the clean bath tub here at New Orleans Auberge Hotel! I enjoyed a warm bath at night after we went to Sky Ranch during the afternoon.

My Traveloka app Experience

Single size bed inside the room for five person.

We made our reservation two weeks before our target date. At first, we intended to travel with a total of five persons. But as day comes by and due to schedule conflict, only me and my blog partner were able to go.
  • We decided to cancel our reservation to that hotel and change to another one which is located at Manila. But our request was not granted even though we still have the chance to cancel it in the first place (at the app, they will give you dates on which you can cancel or make changes to your reservation). So my tip for this is be sure to plan and finalize everything before completing your transaction.
  • What I like the most at Traveloka app is that they recommend places for you to visit. Like on our stay at Tagaytay, they recommended the Sky Ranch and Picnic Groove and other places near the hotel.
  • It’s my first time to experience using a hotel booking app. Since I’ve been hearing a lot of people having foul experiences when they use third-party booking apps, I already braced myself that we will encounter problems when we arrived at the hotel, especially since we tried canceling our reservation. But everything went smoothly and all the amenities listed on our reservation were granted!
  • Don't forget to contact your hotel so that you can confirm if your reservation was made.

My Hotel Experience

After we showed our reservation voucher, they gave us the key and the room’s air condition is already opened when we arrived.
  • On the app, the WIFI connection is not listed on the amenities available. But also inside our room is a small paper – listed is the WIFI username and password where we could use to connect.
  • As I mentioned above, I love our room! The windows are wide, the beds are really comfortable and it’s clean. I like the hotel’s simplicity.
  • Although I am worried since I didn’t spot any security guards within the hotel and the absence of the hotel receptionist. But well, nothing bad happened and I can also see some staffs guarding the entrance in the absence of security guards.
  • I should mention that the staffs are nice too!
  • Expect to have limited hotel room service. Since we didn’t need anything (all the things we need are inside the room already), we didn’t need any more assistance.
  • Our breakfast is simple but sumptuous! The free breakfast is included for our stay.

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Rating: 4.3 / 5

Have I mentioned above that my experience is different for what I expected? Indeed it is. I expected the hotel to be a so-so but it’s not. We had a comfortable stay and I would like to come back here again if we got a chance soon.

New Orleans Auberge Hotel
Nasugbu Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines


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