Hotel Review: Hotel SOGO Guadalupe - Regency 2

It was raining hard that time and the buses going to our home were very limited. We resorted on choosing to spend the night at Hotel SOGO Guadalupe to have a rest since we also came from a very tiring event coverage. My experience at this SOGO branch is very different compared to other branches. But before that, here's what you can expect when you stay at their Regency room.

Hotel SOGO Guadalupe is located along EDSA, near MRT Guadalupe Station. I attempted checking in at this branch but for some reason I always go to their Cubao branch instead. Aside from the long queue of customers, the check-in fee is very expensive even it's not a Friday or weekend.

Room Features

The room is spacious but the building's column bar is quite disturbing but we really don't mind it since we are too tired to care. The Regency room has two beds available and good for three people to stay.

It has a dining area with two seats available.

Flat screen TV with toiletries good for 2 persons only.

Since we planned to go outside to grab some food for dinner, we decided to check the security vault, only to find out that it's not working. I decided to just went outside alone so that my friend will look out for our things.

The bathroom is clean and there's a bathtub available. But I wouldn't dare to use the tub because first, there's no bath tub stopper available and second, the bathtub hole is dirty with lots of hair stuck inside. It's worst than my experience at Hotel SOGO Cubao branch.

That's a thick fallen hair over there.


It was my first time staying at their Guadalupe branch. For some reason, I find the staffs quite intimidating. There's also no complimentary water available and we were thinking if the other branches where like that.
  •  Our stay has a free complimentary breakfast. When we called at morning, the staff was not attentive as we order. She's even talking to her fellow receptionist and we asked is she got our order and said yes. After like 20 minutes, our breakfast arrived but it was not the one that we ordered. When we called again, the female staff told us that the breakfast (Bangus Silog) is the complimentary breakfast. Meaning, we can't order other breakfast dish - and it's really different for what we experience to other branches.
  • We still requested for our order (one Tocino Silog and Longganisa Silog) and it came after like 30 minutes. Good thing we ordered early or else we have no other choice.

Rating: 2.0 / 5

I do hope that Hotel SOGO in general will improve their sanitation, especially for their bathroom. I guess it's proper to let them know about these flaws since their room rates are expensive especially during Fridays. They spend lots on advertising (their banners are all over the roads) so I do hope that they also spend money on sanitation. I know that this place has a lot to improve for customer's satisfaction.

Hotel Sogo Guadalupe

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