Food Review: The Real Grill Burger at Valenzuela City

Fantastic. The first word that came to my mouth after I had my very first bite at the first burger that was served to us. A hole-in-a-wall burger place located at Valenzuela City, The Real Grill Burger offers not just burgers - but big, delicious and affordable burgers. Yes, they are not the only burger joint that I've tried ever since. But I must say that it's my first time that I appreciate eating such an ordinary snack for me, especially because burgers are always available wherever I go.


The Place

The Real Grill Burger is located at Lingunan (Loob), Valenzuela City. A place accessible by riding a tricycle. They are only open every weekends from 3PM to 12 Midnight. The owners are employees by weekdays and runs a burger place during weekends. The place - which is the owner's garage - may not be located on a main road but they have lots of customers every now and then.

The Food

So what's special about The Real Grill Burger? Everything about a single burger that they offer is special. Their patties are made of pure beef and is absolutely thick. Plus, they put fresh veggies and I love the way they prepare the onions so that it won't overpower the taste of the whole burger.
Cheese, Barbeque, Garlic Mayo, Honey Mustard Sauce
You can enjoy the burgers in four different sauces which are available separately. Each burger dish can be availed as A la Carte or with large cut fries on the side. Each burger was named in a funny way which I found unique.

Inside-Out Burger
Inside-Out Burger (Php 98 Ala Carte / Php 128.00 Meal) - is perfect for every cheese lovers out there. It was called Inside-out because you can taste the Mozzarella cheese inside the quarter pound patty itself. The Real Grill Burger's best-seller and one of my favorite. Well, who doesn't love cheese right? This burger is overflowing with cheese sauce and melted cheese.

Binurger ni Jack Daniels
BJ or Binurger ni Jack Daniels (Php 112 Ala Carte / Php 148 Meal) - Though I find its name really funny (yep, me and my friends where joking about it) but it's goodness is not a joke. From the name itself, the quarter pound beef patty is infused with Jack Daniels, one of the known whiskeys around. It has bacon strips, caramelized onions, mushroom and veggies. It's my favorite among all.

The Real Grill - All In
The Real Grill All In (Php 222 Ala Carte / Php 258 Meal) - The perfect burger for the big eaters out there! This burger has three quarter pound patties: A combination of beef and bacon patty, mozzarella-filled patty and Jack Daniels infused patty. It also have bacon strips, caramelized onions, mushroom and veggies.

Chicken ni Nini
Chicken ni Nini - This is their newly available burger and perfect for people who enjoys chicken instead of beef. The chicken patty is really tasty and I love it.

Apple Iced Tea and Blue Lemonade
Drinks are also available such as Apple Iced Tea, Blue Lemonade, Green Apple and Pink Lychee.

The golden rule at The Real Grill Burger is to patiently wait. Each burger are prepared for about 10-15 minutes so that it will be served hot and fresh from the grill.

The Price

Starting from Php 60.00, you can already avail a burger. Their cheapest - the Paranormal Burger - is priced at Php 58.00 for Ala Carte. The Real Grill - All in's price is Php 258.00 for the meal size and I must say that it's cheaper compared to other burger joints considering its size and its contents. 

Verdict: 4.0 / 5.0

I will surely visit this place once more. The Real Grill Burger is worth the trip and can surely satisfy your burger cravings!

The Real Grill Burger
143 P.Gregorio Street, Lingunan (Loob), Valenzuela City
(+63) 917-8381276
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