Hotel Review: Novotel Manila Araneta Center - Executive Suite

I had a chance to review Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Superior Room last year before the hotel's official launch. And before 2016 ends, I had a chance to experience staying at one of Novotel's luxury rooms - the Executive Suite. And I must admit, it was one of the best experience I had so far and has a lot of difference comparing my first stay at their Superior room. Today, I'll be sharing my staycation experience at Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Executive Suite.

Novotel Manila is located within the Araneta Center at Cubao, Quezon City. Opened last October 2015, they offer a 4-star hotel experience for each guest at a reasonable price. Aside from the rooms are the amenities that customers can enjoy such as the pool area, adult and kiddie gym, spa and a lot more.

We went to the lobby at 2PM (check-in time). We were surprised that there's a separate check-in area for customers who'll avail the Executive Room/Suite at the 24th floor of the hotel or the Premier Lounge. We were assisted by a staff to the said area.

Premier Lounge

Premier Lounge at the 24th floor.
Situated at the hotel's 24th floor, the Premier Lounge is exclusive for customers who availed the Executive Room/Suite or higher. You will be assisted by friendly receptionists as they process your reservation. As you wait, you can enjoy free refreshments (freshly brewed coffee and tea, sodas and juices) at the lounge.

Customers who have access to Premier Lounge can enjoy the following, all for free:

Snacks and free-flowing drinks for some afternoon tea time.

  • Afternoon tea (3PM - 5PM) - Enjoy some tea time with free-flowing drinks and snacks. They are serving slices of cakes, breads and sandwiches which is perfect to pair with their freshly prepared tea available in different varieties.
  • Evening cocktails (5PM - 7PM) - Enjoy different alcoholic drinks such as red wines, white wines and beers plus snacks to pair all for free and unlimited.
  • Breakfast (7AM - 10AM) - Breakfast at the Premier Lounge is also available. Though personally I prefer having breakfast at Food Exchange Manila located at the lobby because it has more food choices available.
  • All day access - If you got bored inside your room and want to enjoy the city view, you can go at the Premier Lounge anytime (until your check-out time). Unlimited refreshments are available but the snacks are limited (cookies, candies and peanuts are available).

Free-flowing imported wines and beers plus pair them with some snacks.

Executive Suite

Executive Suite's Bedroom Area
The Executive Suite's room size is twice compared to the Superior Room from where I stayed before. Here are the things you can enjoy inside:

Lounge Area
  • Living room area - Separate lounge area with wide screen TV, working table, comfortable sofa and wide windows for you to enjoy the city view.
  • Powder room - There's a separate powder room located near the room entrance. You don't have to scrimmage to which person who'll use the toilet first because there's two toilet available.
  • Closet - With two robes and hangers for your clothes plus cabinets with safety deposit storage for your gadgets.
  • Toilet and Bath - I am very pleased with their toilet and bath area because its wide and luxurious. Aside from the rainfall shower and two bathroom sinks, there's a bath tub available at the Executive Suite. And as for my observation, the angle of the bath tub is fitted to the location of the wide screen TV at the bedroom area. So while I am enjoying a warm bath, I was able to enjoy my favorite movie at the same time.
  • Bedroom - With king-sized bed, recliner, wide screen TV and windows for you to enjoy the city view. There are also small lights on both side of the bed which is perfect when you are reading some books. Bluetooth speaker is also available.
Bathroom's faucet area with two sinks and toiletries.

Other amenities

Play Kineck Sports at Read N Play area on the 24th floor.
  • Read N Play - Located at the 24th floor just near the Premier Lounge is their Read N Play area, where kids (and adults too!) can enjoy reading books, watch movies for kids and play console games (PS3 and Xbox).
  • Adults and Kids Pool Area - Located at the 6th floor of the hotel. Be sure to wear proper swimwear (spandex). Towels are provided as you enter the pool premises.
  • InBalance Spa - Located at the 5th floor of the hotel. You can avail different massages for you or with your partner.I will be doing a separate post for this and will update this post once link is available. (Separate charges apply).
  • Food Exchange Manila - Novotel's buffet restaurant that offers wide variety of food choices, available for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Executive suite package comes with free breakfast buffet for two adults and two kids (below 15 years old), same as other room packages at the hotel. You can read my food review here.

InBalance Spa located at the 5th floor.


I enjoyed my stay more compared to the first one I had last year. Maybe because I didn't need to leave the hotel just to buy snacks and refreshments because all are free-flowing and available at the Premier Lounge. Checking in at the Executive Suite gives you more access to the hotel. We managed to stay for a total of 26 hours (than the usual 22 hours). How was it possible? Here are some tips that you can try to fully enjoy the privilege of staying at Novotel's Executive Suite:
  • Availing the Executive Suite gives you free 2 hours use of one of the meeting rooms, good for 6 persons. If you travel for business and you need to organize a meeting for your business venture, you can avail the meeting room (subject to availability).
  • Late check-out privilege. You can check out at 4PM instead of the usual check out time at 12PM. Late check out is given subject to the room's availability. I highly suggest that you should mention it to the receptionist beforehand so they can check if you can avail the late check out. For us, we are lucky that our room is available and it gave us more time to enjoy the whole hotel experience.
  • Have your free breakfast at Food Exchange Manila, especially if you are looking for more food varieties. But if you want to enjoy the exclusivity of the Premier Lounge, you can have your breakfast there but the food is quite limited.
  • Don't hesitate to try out different drinks at the Premier lounge, especially during Afternoon tea time and evening cocktails. It's all for free, except of course if you have guests (they need to pay). Although the time for the both is very close to each other (I do wish that their evening cocktails is available at around 8PM or 9PM instead of as early as 5PM to 7PM only). Also, wear something presentable when you are at the Premier Lounge.
  • Internet access is literally available everywhere within the hotel. So don't hesitate to use your gadgets.
  • FAQ brochures are available per room. Be sure to read them to help you enjoy your stay more!
Please watch my video to give you a better view of Novotel's Executive Suite!

Overall rating: 4.8 / 5

Money-wise and experience-wise, I would avail Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Executive suite. The privileges are better plus the room is luxurious that you just want to stay at the room until you check-out. The suite is not just good for business travellers, but also for families as well. If you are thinking of where to stay for some staycation within the city, be sure to add Novotel Manila Araneta Center to your list!
Novotel Manila Araneta Center
General Aquinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
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