7 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Animax Carnival 2016 Experience

Rain or shine, It's been an exciting and fun-filling two days as Animax Philippines brought a bigger and better Animax Carnival for this year 2016!

Anime fans and cosplay enthusiasts had gathered for Animax Channel's signature event happened last October 15-16, 2016 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. It's a weekend of fun and thrilling event as the crowd gathered and roam around the whole event area.

As we cover the whole event, we have gathered our 7 favorite moments during the Animax Carnival 2016:
  1. The merchandise booths - from a simple can badge to anime-inspired jackets and tshirts, the merchandise area was the crowded place on the event hall as con-goers checked and bought items inspired from their favorite Anime or items for their cosplay needs. I actually bought some items for myself!
  1. The Cosplay and Toy Photography workshop - at the stage on the hall 1, they held some workshops for aspiring crafters and toy photographers. They shared knowledge about the art of props making and they also shared tips and tricks on how to make swords and bows, make-up for cosplaying and proper angle and lighting tips for toy photography.
  2. Edo Traditional Games - surely, this area has a long queue. Your ACPH experience wouldn't be completed without trying the games!
  3. Yukata Wearing and Samurai Armor Wearing - Con-goers had a chance to experience wearing Yukata (made possible by Japan Embassy) and the heavy Samurai Armor (made possible by Geisha's Blades).
  4. The cosplay competition - One of the much-awaited event by the cosplayers was the cosplay competition in solo or pair in the Animax Cosplay Competition. They also had a chance to wear their own cosplay design in the Carnival-Inspired Category or theirfavorite anime character in the Animax Category.
  5. Meet and greet with the Japanese Artists and the concert - Who would have missed the highlight of the 2-day event? Fans lively participated with the autograph session and the live concerts of the successful Japanese artists such as ELISA, yanaginagi, Ami Wajima and May'n.
  6. The cosplayers - Cosplayers from different part of the country have gathered for the 2 day event cosplaying their favorite anime/game characters! There are actually a lot of them and its hard to take good photos because of the crowd and the space.

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In behalf of Ranneveryday, we are sending our warmest Congratulations! to all the staffs behind the event and attendees who made this event successful. We are looking forward for another year of Animax Carnival!

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