Dragon Nest 5th Anniversary Fie5ta Highlights and Aftermath

The stormy weather didn't able to make the whole event stop as the 5th Anniversary celebration of MMORPG Dragon Nest came to a success! Sharing to you are some of the event highlights happened during the Dragon Nest 5th Anniversary Fie5ta:

Fun Interactive Booths

Players had a chance to play with different booths at the event. Aside from getting stamps to qualify for the raffle, you can win different in-game items per booth. (I guess I am not lucky enough since I only manage to get Polished Alteums...)


Players who had save some gold (in-game money) participated during the auction where they had a chance to bid for some exlusive gacha items, in-game items and exclusive Dragon Nest collectibles.

Trivia Games

'Guess the NPC!' The lucky winners won exclusive items from the game developers such as mouse pads and collectibles made from Korea.

Developers and Players Meet-Up

Attendees had the chance to meet two of the game developers from Korea. Players had the chance to ask some questions regarding the game, some in-game issues and what's in-store for the future game patches. Some of the tidbits they actually told to everyone is that the next game character's gender would be a male. You can read more of the topics discussed during the Q&A part to our friends from TechReview PH.

Raffle Draws

Everyone who qualified during the raffle draw had the chance to win Hound plushie and in-game costumes (Veldskud, Argenta and Geraint Set).

Please watch this short video I took during the event! (Sorry for it was very short. Most of the videos I took got corrupted...)

For those living outside the Philippines, there would be another celebration happening on October 2016 at Singapore. Be sure to stay tuned to their official website and social media channels and be updated!

Even though the event was announced and promoted for only a week and almost got postponed due to the bad weather, Dragon Nest gamers, such as myself, still went to the event. I wish there would be another events such as this and same as the Cherry Convention 2012.

Happy anniversary and cheers for another successful year, Dragon Nest!

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