DIY: Code: Realize - inspired Bracelet

You know this feeling for sure - you want an item made especially based from your fandom but because you can't afford buying it, you are resorting on making your own. As for me, I am in love with the Otome (Visual Novel from Japan) game Code: Realize and because I can't afford buying goods from Japan inspired by the game, I decided to just make my own!

This Code: Realize - inspired bracelet is actually simple and very easy to do. All you need to have are bracelet chains and accessories plus pliers. Check out the materials needed before we start the project:

  • Bracelet chain
  • Bracelet accessories (you can find more and base it on what theme you prefer)
  • Jump rings and jewelry lock
  • Pliers
Watch this short video on how to make this DIY Code: Realize-inspired Bracelet:

I bought everything (except the pliers) at Wellmanson located at Quiapo, Manila. It's an accessory shop where you can buy jewelries and other accessories. Though honestly I didn't spotted some designs that I am looking for (such as steam-punk inspired beads, laboratory flasks, and others) to make my bracelet look realistic but I still like it. For my pliers, I bought it at HandyMan hardware store for Php 250.00+ (I forgot the exact price).

I will try to make another version of these with more accessories attached soon!

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