Acer introduces Top of the Line DLP Projectors

With today's growing technology, the demand for digital display has evolved throughout time. From the simple bulky overhead projector that only uses a light bulb and transparencies to display bigger images for an audience, to remote-controlled digital projectors that are connected to computers and notebooks for presentations and entertainment, and now introducing the all new technology for projectors.

Last August 22, 2016, Acer Philippines introduced their top quality projectors and two of which were featured in the launch – DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors with models: ES-12 and the newest X117H

These projector models use the DLP technology with high-performing and heavy-duty chips which are efficient and long lasting. Compared to other projector technologies, DLP produces better quality image and its technology uses a Digital Micromirror Device Chip (DMD).

“DLP Projector Technology is different because of its Digital Micromirror Device Chip that projects a thousand mirrors to compose a high-definition image. Other technology makes use of LCD panels to produce a colored image,” Faith Kuo of Acer Philippines explains. 

DMD chips are sealed hence, dust won’t accumulate and color decay is preventable. Therefore, this type of projector requires less maintenance. “The DMD Chip is highly durable and long-lasting which contributes to the DLP Projector’s Total Cost of Ownership,” Kuo emphasized.

Acer ES-12 DLP Projector Features:

  • The Acer ES-12 is Acer’s prime model of the DLP projector.
  • It has a standard resolution of 800 x 600 and can be maximized to a supported 1920 x 1200 resolution.
  • Acer’s DLP technology installed inside the ES-12 has 3000 lumens which can display brighter presentations.
  • Despite brighter projection of images, the ES-12 maintains quality by also providing 1.07 billion colors and provide a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.
  • Php 18,999

AcerX117H DLP Projector Features:

  • Best projector for businesses with its newest X117H model. It basically has the same baseline features of the ES-12 but delivers more brightness and vividness.
  • Two biggest highlight feature: brightness and contrast ratio. With 3,600 brightness compared to the mainstream brightness of 3,200 Lumens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio compared to the mainstream contrast ratio.
  • Php 22,990

To complete the formidable line-up of Acer DLP projectors, here are the other products featured during the launching:

Compact K138STi so you can take the cinema with you.

Acer DLP Projector P1287 for a impressive visual experience.

Acer DLP Projector S1383WHne that has a dust shield solution.

Acer DLP Projector V7500 which is perfect for your home theater needs.

Acer DLP Projector Features:
  • Support a standard screen ratio of 4:3 and a compatible aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • These projectors have a minimum projection distance of one meter and maintain quality image at a maximum of 11.80 meters.
  • With a 40-degree keystone correction that automatically adjusts vertical distortions, these projectors are convenient and flexible.
  • Handy and lightweight with only 2.50 kg and can be installed on the ceiling.
  • Eco-friendly and eco-smart. Stand-by power consumptions can be reduced by 90% and by 70% when turned on. This means Acer DLP projectors are good for the environment and for one’s budget.

Interested of buying one for your home or business needs? If you own an old projector (eventhough they are not Acer products), you can buy one of Acer's projector with 50% off when you exchange your old projector:

Acer Trade-Up Promo

Just turn in your old, working or non-working, Acer or non-Acer projector unit when buying an Acer P1185 projector at participating stores within Metro Manila for a whopping 50-percent discount.

  • From August 22-September 11, 2016, get the Acer P1185 projector, together with a projector screen and clicker worth Php22,990, now for only P11,495. The promo is valid for Metro Manila stores only.
  • Simply fill out the necessary information upon purchase of the Acer P1185 and surrender the old unit to participating stores at the Cyberzone areas located in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Mall of Asia.
  • Any projector is qualified for the trade-up promo except overhead projectors and those with brightness below 2,500 ANSI lumens.  A maximum of Three (3) units per end user or company will be accepted for purchase under the promo.
To know more about the DLP projectors of Acer Philippines,be sure to visit their official website and follow them thru their social media channels.

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