Hotel Review: Hotel SOGO Cubao - Royale Room

As someone who attend events for consecutive days, living in a province and going home back and fort surely takes a lot of effort, time and of course, money. We tend to resort in different ways just to save money and avoid traveling for a long time. And one of them is to stay in a cheap hotels around the Metro. I recently had my stay at Hotel SOGO Cubao and unfortunately, it was not as pleasant as my first time.

Hotel SOGO Cubao is located along EDSA, in front of Farmer's Plaza. It's a 10-storey building with a pleasant aura from the lobby up until the hallways. In fairness to them, some of the staffs are accommodating. Just keep it cool during the rush hour when lots of customers check in because they often have a long queue.

Room Features

I am not shy to say that I already tried staying at the different room types here: from the one with the cheapest rate (Econo) up to the upscale one (the Royale room). Their Royale room is perfect for couples who wants to have a more intimate feel during their stay and another one is this room type especially made for families or groups because of its room size and room features:

  • It has a wider and spacious closet, where you can put your belongings and hang your clothes.
  • Inside the closet is the safety box where you can put your important things such as gadgets when you need to leave your room for a while.
  • It has a queen-sized bed with comforter.

  • Japanese-inspired dining area where 4 people can eat together and enjoy the city view. They also have a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold.

  • Flat screen TV, wide dresser with blower.
  • It has a bath tub and shower available with hot and cold water functions.


As I mentioned above, my stay at Hotel SOGO Cubao's Royale room recently is not as pleasant as the first time. My first time staying at Royal room was during the papal visit of Pope Francis XVI here in the country. It was a 24-hour stay and it was very relaxing and a two-thumbs up experience. Take note that I stayed at the same room, same room number, same amenities for this second time. Here are some of the experiences happened to me as soon as I stepped up in the room, the second time around:

  • As soon as I entered inside, the smell of the cigarette smoke is all around the room.
  • I have a habit of checking out the bathroom first before everything. And what disappoints me is seeing a lot of pubic hair and some remaining cuts of hair strands especially at the bath tub.
  • The comforter is not the white and comfortable comforter that was used comparing to my first time. It was like (well for me) a thick curtain and its sort of itchy.
  • I was about to go outside to buy some snacks so I decided to check out the safety box but unfortunately, its not working.
  • I really want to have a relaxing bath that night so I again checked out the bath tub. I cleaned the area using the bidet and let the water flow together with the pubic hairs up to the sink hole at the bath tub. Just to discover that the hole was clogged. When I checked it, there are lots of hair strands once more, an indication that the bath tub is not well-maintained. I ended up using the tip of my toothbrush and tissue just to remove it and voila, its not clogged anymore. But then again, I decided to just take a bath the next morning.
  • The bed that time was a spring bed and its not the usual kind of mattress (the soft ones) that they are using.
  • A thumbs up for their breakfast meals! Though it's quite pricey, the food is served fresh and wrapped in a cling wrap to maintain its temperature.
  • All in all, on my first stay at the same Royale room, everything was comfortable and clean. The second time, it was quite horrible.
Here are some of the photos I recovered and took during my first stay:

This review is nothing against the mentioned hotel as this post is purely based on my experience. For me as a blogger and also someone who stays at their hotel to avoid the hassle of going back and fort from the province, having a good and bad experience is worth sharing.

Verdict: 2.0 / 5.0 (for my first stay, 4.5 / 5.0)

I do hope that this review will help everyone who are searching for the room features of Royale room at Hotel SOGO Cubao and also to help the management improved their sanitation.

Thanks a lot for reading and see you on my next review.

Hotel SOGO
629 EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City
Contact numbers: 723-4351 to 52 / 723-4244 to 46

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