DIY: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club-inspired Notebook Covers (with video)

It's June! And one thing other than being a June bride is what people are getting busy for - the opening of classes is approaching! As students are looking for the school supplies that they need, for sure some of us are not satisfied with how our notebooks look like. But fret no more! Join me as I make this simple D.I.Y project to make our notebook more personal by designing it on our own and what's more: inspired by our favorite Anime show!

This D.I.Y project is inspired from the sports anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Specifically, I decided to base my design on the two main characters Haruka Nanase and Rei Ryuugazaki. Since Haru and Rei are associated with dolphin and butterfly respectively, I decided to draw some pattern inspired from it.

I experimented my craft foam and use it as a "stamp" to make similar patterns for the notebook. It's easier and made the work fast! So without further a do, here are the materials needed for this project:

Stamp for design:
  • Craft foam (any color)
  • Pencil/Ballpen (for making the pattern)
  • Scissors
For the notebook cover:
  • Poster/Acrylic Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Colored Paper/Construction Paper (Light Violet & Light Blue)
  • Scissors
  • Double-Sided Tape/Paste
  • Black-inked Ballpen (for the outline, optional)

You can watch this short video of my DIY: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club-inspired Notebook Covers:


Making the Stamp
  1. Get your craft foam and start to draw a butterfly. It's up to you on how you want the butterfly would look and it's size. Also draw a dolphin and other patterns that you would like.
  2. Cut the designs carefully.
Making the Notebook Cover
  1. Choose the color that you want and paint one side of you craft foam with the poster paint. Carefully stamp the colored paper with the painted side of the craft foam. Be sure to carefully remove it after to avoid smudges.
  2. For Rei Ryuugazaki cover, paint one side of the butterfly design craft foam and carefully stamp it in the light violet colored paper. For Haruka Nanase cover, paint one side of the dolphin design craft foam and carefully stamp it in the light blue colored paper.
  3. Repeat stamping as much as you like, depends on how you would like the cover to look like.
  4. Optional: Once the paint is dry, you can outline the designs with your black-inked ballpen to give emphasis to your design.
  5. Get your double-sided tape or paste and carefully attach the designed paper to your notebook.
  6. And you're done!
Enjoy your newly designed notebook!

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