Bloodline: Awakening to be Released by May 2016

Mobile app gamers out there! The launch date of Awakening update to our hit mobile Battle RPG, Bloodline, is set to be released on 31 May 2016. The Awakening features Fate Link System, a highly anticipated update where all 5-Star Heroes will receive access to Fate Link that unlocks a new passive ability and powerful stat bonuses once all three heroes in their Fate Link are acquired and activated.

For Bloodline: Awakening launch, Cherry Credits will have a series of in-game events for both new and existing players, as listed below:
  • Awakening Pre-Sign Up Reward: Players who pre-sign up at by 31 May 2016 will receive a code to redeem one 3-star Lilo.I card, a top tier tank hero that is not available in the summon pool.
  • Brand New Server reward: From 31 May till 7 June 2016, players who login consecutively in the new sixth server will receive daily rewards that include a 5-Star Ultimate Ling (a powerful Archer), a 3-Star Maid Linda (Healer) and numerous in-game valuables (400 gems, 3 Summon Scrolls and 30 Crystals).
  • All Server 30-Day Login Reward: In the month of June, log in everyday to receive bonus fragments and gold. Players who log in for 21 straight days will receive 30 days Gem Card. Players who log in for 24 straight days will receive additional 3-Star Lilo.I Card.
  • Return of the Hero Package: Players who have not log into the game for a while (prior to 18 May 2016) will receive a 5-star Assassin Vengeance Mika, 3 Summoning Scrolls and 500 Stamina.
Watch the trailer to know more about the upcoming Bloodline: Awakening:


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