Affordable Computing with NComputing

Why would you need ten, twenty or thirty computers when you only need one that would serve the purpose? It is a great advantage to small businesses to have a better solution on keeping their expenses small. With NComputing, businesses has the advantage to save in costs like electricity cost and in hardware/software cost as they only needed less electronic devices to make more than ten computers to function.

Imagine that in your small business, you have around thirty computers that are in use. It will be a pain the the pocket to invest 30 monitors or 30 CPUs and other hardware and software devices needed.

With NComputing, you only need a server with NComputing VSpace disk and L-Series devices to make those desktops run. NComputing is a company that manufactures hardware and software to create virtual desktops which enabkes multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance.

Watch this video to know more about NComputing:

Aside from its affordability, NComputing has been the Greenest computing on earth.

For small businesses here in the Philippines, they can avail the NComputing devices at Vinea Distribution Inc (VDI). They are one of the main distributors of NComputing devices in the country. To know more about how to avail NComputing for your business, check out their website at

Vinea Distribution Inc.
47 Kamias Road, Brgy. Pinyahan, Quezon City
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