Okonomiyaki Experience at Dohtonbori

After I saw Dohtonbori at SM North EDSA before Valentine's Day this 2016, I noted to myself that before the month ends, I should try eating there some time. I am a fan of Japanese dishes and been looking for some awesome Japanese restaurants in Manila which offers not just the food but the whole Japanese dining experience (ambiance, service, etc). And after a week, I went back and it was one of the best experience I had so far.

Dohtonbori is located at Upper Ground Floor at SM North EDSA while their first and main branch is located at Greenhills, San Juan City. The restaurant interiors are all Japanese inspired, especially the Tatami Area which gives customers an added feel that they have been eating at Japan.

Dohtonbori is a Japanese restaurant which offers Japanese dishes, specifically Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake), to their customers. In here, customers have a chance to watch how Okonomiyaki is prepared or even experience cooking it by themselves.

The restaurant has been popular as it opened their branches. I advise you to at least prepare for a long queue. If you like to experience eating at their Tatami Area, be sure to mention it to the staff-in-charge for the seating area. When it's almost your turn to be seated, the staff will be getting your orders so that as you seated, they can bring the ingredients and will ready to cook it in front of you.

Mochi (left) and Butatama (right) Okonomiyaki

I ordered their Butatama Okonomiyaki (their best-seller) and my friend ordered the Mochi Okonomiyaki. The very friendly female staff demonstrated on how to cook the Okonomiyaki and told us to flip each side every five minutes. Please watch this short video as I make the Butatama Okonomiyaki!

To sum it all up, both Okonomiyaki (especially the Butatama) were very delicious. It was the sauce who made this dish very flavorful and it makes me want to order more (but actually one Okonomiyaki is enough to make my stomach full). We also ordered their Shoyu Ramen and it was surprisingly delicious to think that its cheaper compared to other restaurants that also served that kind of Ramen. It wouldn't be complete without ordering some Sake (Japanese Wine). I ordered their Cold (and Strong) Sake while my friend ordered the Hot (and Light) Sake since it was recommended by their staff. Indeed, the sweetness of the Sake was intense when its hot. It's a must try!


Shoyu Ramen

Cold Sake

What I like at Dohtonbori is their consistency in terms of food, the place and the service. At last I've found another restaurant that plays Japanese songs as you dine (compared to others around). Staffs are trained to greet, excuse themselves in Japanese language plus some known Japanese mannerism (especially when entering and leaving the Tatami area), which is a plus for me. The food is authentic and fresh plus they keep the place clean as much as possible.

Tatami Area

If there are things I would like to recommend to them, it would be to put the "How to cook Okonomiyaki" and etc instruction guide in a much visible area per table (like placing a holder which is more visible for customers). But overall, I would highly recommend for soon-to-dine-in customers to watch some videos or read visuals (on the Internet or at the restaurant itself) on how to make the Okonomiyaki to avoid the hassle of waiting for the staffs to arrive (since almost everyday, the restaurant is jam-packed with people). Don't worry, those visuals are all available per table, you just have to look for it.

I would highly recommend this place myself, especially for those who loves Okonomiyaki. There are lots of Okonomiyaki choices to choose from and aside from that, there are also Soba dishes, Ramen, Katsu dishes and desserts available. I would definitely going back here at Dohtonbori again!

Dohtonbori Philippines
Upper Ground Floor, SM North EDSA
Opening Hours: Mall Hours

WiFi ✔ | Air-conditioned | Service Charge ✔ (10%)
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