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From a mom’s house, to a printing press and now became a very homey place to eat, 13 Ubay St. is a new food place to visit. Located at Banawe, Quezon City, 13 Ubay St. offers delicious dishes inspired by their trips around the world. Together with fellow foodies, we had a chance to try their delicious food offerings.

Started last November 2015, the restaurant’s address is its name itself and located at 13 Ubay St. at Banawe, Quezon City. Before they started as a restaurant, the place was first was a printing house which is now relocated at Valenzuela City and also owned by the family.

The Place

The restaurant’s ambiance is homey, with a verandah where you can choose if you want to feel the ambiance outside as you eat. The whole place is very spacious but still a bit bare because they opened for about three months from now and became busy as the place became a shooting place for ABS-CBN’s “Pangako Sa’yo,” an evening TeleSerye which runs every weekday night.

The Food

13 Ubay St. offers comfort food, inspired by their journeys around the world. From appetizers, main courses and desserts, their dishes are very delicious. Here are some of the dishes available at 13 Ubay St.:

Degustation: Small plates on the grill

(Left) Banana and Liver paired with Miel de Abeja – Wrapped in a bacon strip is a combination of Banana and Liver. At first I actually not sure if the combo of the two would taste good but actually it is! Miel de Abeja is a combination of tequila, lemon, honey and ginger.

(Center) Grilled Cheese paired with Vine Cooler – Wrapped in a bacon strip, this dish stood out among the three because of the powerful flavor of the grilled cheese plus the poached pear. Who doesn’t love cheese, right? The vine cooler, although it has actually have a vodka in it (which was I didn’t able to taste) is very refreshing.

(Right) Beef and Shimeji Mushroom paired with 13 Ubay – Also wrapped in a bacon strip is a combination of beef and mushroom. It’s actually taste good but among the three this could be my least favorite. The 13 Ubay drink though was a bomb! Of course because the drinks are in shot glasses, you need to drink it in straight. The drink has their chili fermented tequila in it which is actually hot in the throat but taste good. So if you are adventurous enough for drinks, this 13 Ubay drink is a must-try.

Fried Tripe

Fried Tripe – Everyone’s favorite dish of the day. Who would have known that you can enjoy pork tripe as soft as this and crispy at the outside with their batter, seasoned with some paprika in it. (Tripe by the way is the part of pork which everyone known as “Tuwalya,” and served usually in hot porridge.) Best to pair it with their Sukang Basimatsi.

Cured Salmon Salad

Cured Salmon Salad – The salmon in the salad is very tasty and the veggies are fresh too. I would suggest to add more of the salmon and improve more in the vinaigrette.

Chicken Harissa

Chicken Harissa – Their chicken harrisa is really delicious but the flavor was not able to get thought the meat itself. But I still suggest to try this dish because the flavor is very distinct and they can for sure make more improvements with this dish.

Shrimps in Aligue 

Shrimps in Aligue – Although I didn’t able to taste the Aligue part, I love the flavor of the sauce and the softness and size of the shrimps. Perfect with rice!

3 Hour Belly

3 Hour Belly – Slow roasted pork belly with pickled vegetables on the sides. Soft and flavorful meat! I enjoyed this dish a lot although I happened to taste the skin which is a bit salty for my taste. Another dish to pair with their Sukang Basimatsi and rice.

Tres Leches

Tres Leches – Looking for soft, spongy and sweet dessert? I would suggest trying this sweet tres leches. For sure you would ask for more!

Dalandan Torte

Dalandan Torte – Very refreshing cake with fruits on top which gave contrast to the whole dessert. This dessert is one of the famous dishes which customers are looking for whenever they went here at 13 Ubay St. Not too sweet and it doesn’t lack in flavor.

Chocolate Praline 

Chocolate Praline – For me this dessert is quite dry and a bit too sweet. But for chocolate lovers out there, you can try this dessert.


Beignet – Beignet is a French doughnut. A simple dessert to enjoy if you are tired of the usual cakes for dessert. A must-try!

The Price

Pricewise, the dishes are affordable. You can order their main dishes for Php 250.00 and above. And what’s good is that you can avail their delicious desserts for as low as Php 100.00, which is for me a great deal already.

Verdict: 4.0 / 5

Overall, the food are delicious and also very comforting to the tastebuds. Flavors with distinct flavors and desserts with the right amount of sweetness plus their drink mixes are one of a kind. Be sure to bring your family and friends here at 13 Ubay St. They are open every day and also located at one of the famous food spot in Manila, at Banawe, Quezon City.

13 Ubay St.
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13 Ubay St., Banawe, Quezon City
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