On Wellness and Creativity: Lifestyle Introduces Two Original Shows

Lifestyle whips up two exciting new original shows for the last quarter of 2015 that will inspire every Filipino to start a healthy lifestyle and harness their creativity this October.

The Green Mind,” a half-hour wellness magazine show is hosted by model and health and wellness advocate Marco Lobregat, while “Sweet Talk,” a show focusing on dessert styling, craft making, and baking will be hosted by dessert master and “The Clash” season 2 winner Cynthia Patos.

With an eight episode order for its debut season, “The Green Mind” showcases various healthy and sustainable products and services in the country, as well as environmental advocacies. In the show, Marco explores and introduces the latest in food, fitness, and fashion to help viewers achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

Marco Lobregat for The Green Mind

In its first two episodes that premiered a few weeks back, “The Green Mind” introduced the concept of green living and featured personalities who have been “going green” for the past few years. Marco also featured a roster of organizations and movements that are promoting the green living.

Meanwhile, “Sweet Talk” which will premiere on October 25, will feature creative solutions in making DIY projects and present easy-to-make recipes and Cynthia’s personal tips in the art of baking.

Cynthia Patos for Sweet Talk

Its debut episode is expected to showcase Cynthia’s take on mouthwatering desserts perfect for Sunday brunch including a quick and easy guide on how to make funnel cake and an almond pear tart, among others. Cynthia will also feature a special episode on baking for kids that will showcase top kid dessert choices with a twist that anyone will enjoy making.

Photo courtesy of Lifestyle's Facebook Page.

The Green Mind” and “Sweet Talk” are two new original productions of Lifestyle this year. Lifestyle is the premiere cable channel and must-go lifestyle hub of modern and young Filipinos. To date, the cable channel has produced successful original programs such as “Listed,” “Curiosity Got the Chef,”  “Food Prints,” and “A Pinch of Portia.”

Lifestyle is available on channel 52 in both Sky Cable and Destiny Cable and belongs to the family of cable channels under Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI), a subsidiary of ABS-CBN.

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