Satchmi Store Celebrates its 1st Birthday Bash

It's been a year since the Satchmi Store opened its doors and they’re celebrating it the best way they know how: an ultimate birthday party happening! I’m so excited for September 26, but while we wait, here are a couple of things we hear you can expect at Satchmi’s Birthday Bash:

Free flowing drinks

The Satchmi Store as most people know, is not just your ordinary record store. They also have a coffee bar situated right in the middle. Their third wave coffee has been praised and raved on by many, getting their beans straight from the local supplier - EDSA Beverage Design Group. This time though, not only will we get free flowing coffee for the night, but free flowing craft beer from their friends over at CraftPoint Brewery! Coffee + Beer = the perfect way to cap off the night

Party giveaways and prizes

For those who attend the party, they get a chance to win Satchmi’s Motorino Mk II - Customized Limited Edition. A staple in almost all of Satchmi’s events. Not only that, they’ve also added in more giveaways from their favourite curated local brands like Sunday Paper Co, The Lost Nomad, Gouache Bags, Leather Fellow, The Green House Project, and more!

Record sales

We also hear that there might be a sale on their records (plus a special announcement about the Motorino Mk II we are absolutely dying to know!)

Lots of music and laughs

The Satchmi Store has been known for hosting intimate and fun events for music and the performing arts. You can expect some of their staples on stage: Reese & Vica, BP Valenzuela, CRWN, and up and coming artist Coeli (all we can say is you have to see her to experience her music). Adding to the birthday fun, Satchmi will also be getting Comedy Cartel’s Chip Balbuena - JackTV’s Kamikaze Best Comedy Act Competition winner & Laugh and Stack Standup Comedy Competition Champion to end the night right.

Secrets and plans revealed

We also hear that there’s going to be a special part of the program where Satchmi will be disclosing to everyone there what their plans are for next year. It’s kind of ironic how this time the birthday celebrant will be doing the surprising and we just gotta know what it is! They’ve been dropping a few hints here and there but I guess we’ll have to wait for the actual event to find out what Satchmi is planning for 2016.

Until then, we are inviting everyone to go to one of the most exciting birthday parties this year. Advanced Happy Birthday to the Satchmi Store and see you on September 26, 7PM!

The Satchmi Store
4F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall | (02) 401-6905 

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