Green Inferno in Philippine Theaters this September 2015

The green lights are on! After more than a year of waiting, horror movie fans will finally get to see perhaps the most disturbing, and controversial film of the year—The Green Inferno. Ahead of its US release, Solar Pictures unleashes the Green Inferno in local cinemas nationwide beginning September 23, 2015.

Directed by Eli Roth, the horror mastermind behind such groundbreaking films as Cabin Fever and the blockbuster Hostel franchise, Green Inferno is a terrifying, twisted and blood-soaked take on the a digital-age phenomenon known as “slacktivism.”

The Green Inferno tells the story of what happens when “slacktivism”—the well-meaning social-media response to global catastrophes—turns deadly deep in a South American rainforest.


When a group of college students take their humanitarian protest to the Amazon jungle, they are taken prisoner by the indigenous tribe they came to save. Trapped in a remote tribal village, these naïve, technology- dependent students suffer unspeakable acts as the victims of chilling and soul- destroying rituals reserved for only the most threatening intruders.

Although the film offers a pointed commentary on this uniquely 21st-century trend, Roth’s primary goal is more visceral: to share with audiences his love for blood- curdling movie mayhem. “Horror movies were my passion growing up, and my favorite thing was being scared and watching scary, gory movies with my friends,” he says. “I love to terrify people. As things get worse in this world, and people feel a loss of control over things, they need an outlet, a place they are allowed to be really scared. Where better than in a horror movie?”

Watch the trailer of The Green Inferno:

The Green Inferno opens in theaters nationwide beginning on September 23, 2015, brought to you by Solar Pictures.

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