Lights, Camera, Dine! at Filmfest Cafe and Restaurant

In the age when cafes have sprouted almost everywhere, each offering a different experience from the other, the choice of the theme really plays an important role in making the establishment standout from the rest.

Nestled in a small, quiet neighborhood in Mandaluyong is a recently opened film-themed café and restaurant. This new haven for film enthusiasts and movie lovers alike, Filmfest Café and Restaurant, is owned by the world-renowned Filipino Director, Brillante Mendoza. Had its opening last April 19, the café had already been a witness to small talks, get-togethers, barkada bondings, catch-ups between colleagues and of course, dining of some of today’s biggest and brightest stars in the movie industry.  With a daily film viewing of Director Brillante’s recent films, the diners do not only get treated with delicious dishes, welcomed by the serene ambiance of the place, but at the same time they are also given the chance to see the world-class works of the international award-winning director.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

Sizzling Squid Supreme

With open hours from 3pm to 1am every Monday to Saturday, Filmfest caters to late lunches, meryendas, dinners and midnight snacks. Ranging from various international cuisines to our very own local dishes, the café can most definitely satisfy anyone’s craving. Of course, if it offers good-tasting food, it surely does offer drinks that can satisfy any form of thirst – whether it be from a day’s total heat (fruit shakes and juices) or even that which craves for some bitter taste and a little kick in the gut (alcoholic drinks and mixes), Filmfest definitely has it all for you.

Frozen Margarita and Lychee Iced Tea

Mango Martini and Zulu Brain Freeze

So if you are somehow in the middle of a hunt for a place that offers a welcoming vibe, food that is surely worth your budget and a theme that is certainly unique, why not drop by Filmfest Café and Restaurant. Located only at #947 Busilak St., Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City, you can find yet another café that is not only apart from others of its kind but can also be close to your heart and not to mention, tummy.

Filmfest Café and Restaurant
#947 Busilak St., Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City
Opening Hours: 3:00PM - 1:00AM, Monday - Saturday
(02) 531 – 8831 | 09773117565 and look for Ms. Ara Flores
Follow them on Facebook | Instagram

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