Newest Mobile Game Bloodline, Beta Starts On September 2015

This September 22, 2015,  Cherry Credits Pte Ltd announced the start of Beta period for their newest mobile game: Bloodline, available on Google Play for Android device users in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Bloodline is a mobile role-playing card game with emphasis on deep variety of character customization, allowing for a roster of heroes that feels distinctly yours. The story follows the Last Royal Vampire, Lilo.I and her companion Ron, in their quest to save their loved ones from the militaristic order, the Holyland.

Featuring highly intuitive Tap-and-Swipe core gameplay mechanic and top of the line Anime-style game arts, Bloodline players will acquire a diversity of characters, assemble them into squads, and set forth on a massive story-driven journey while engaging in turn-based combat along the way.

Beyond that, Bloodline contains daily challenges, Arena battles, and in-game events. Victory depends on careful squad management and thoroughly levelling up of characters through evolution, fusing, potential awakenings and job growth.

During Beta period, Cherry Credits will compile data and feedback as part of final preparation for the launch to improve the game content and services. There will be no data wipe for Bloodline Beta players who bind their Facebook accounts to their Bloodline accounts during beta period. Additionally, each of Beta participant will be rewarded with a Rae character card, a powerful defensive hero who is capable of draining opponents of their regular damage and Critical Hit rates.

Watch the Bloodline game trailer:

Bloodline is published by Cherry Credits Pte Ltd and after beta period, it will be available for Android and iOS devices in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Cherry Credits is also 
the game publisher, official Payment Provider and Channelling Platform for the hit Action Multiplayer Online Game Dragon Nest SEA game service. For more information, please check:

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