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Looking for a place to dine plus a place to enjoy affordable cocktails and drinks? I happened to try out Taste of Capitol’s food offerings and its one of the place I would recommend to enjoy a relaxing night-out with friends. You might be hearing them before as they are actually located at Kapitolyo, Pasig City first. But just this month of August 2015, they moved and started their operation as a Diner and Bistro place located along the busy food spot at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. I was invited at their re-launching and I really enjoyed an awesome evening.

The Place

It makes you feel like you are in America because of the awesome American-inspired murals on the walls and especially on the tables. Fixtures and lightings also makes you feel that you are in a diner/bistro, which one of my friends told me that its way to far from their Kapitolyo branch (which is plain looking). Taste of Capitol is a 2-storey building with open bar, and lively ambiance which can accommodate up to 50 or more people inside.

The Food

Taste of Capitol serves both American and some Filipino dishes and most of all; they have a long list of cocktails available. Here are some of the dishes that I tried:

Chicago Balls

Chicago Balls – Their special mix of meatballs plus a special cream sauce. Very tender dish plus the meatballs are quite huge in size.

Texas Nachos

Texas Nachos – Of course diners will not be complete without having some nachos! Nachos topped with bits tomatoes, ground beef and lots of cheese.

Pinoy BBQ Soft Tacos

Pinoy BBQ Soft Tacos – If you are looking for some tacos then try their BBQ Soft Tacos with beef chunks, tomatoes and special sauce.

Sausage Sisig

Sausage Sisig – New dish served here at Taste of Capitol, which is absolutely a perfect partner with beer! This sausage sisig comes in either original or spicy flavor (or both in a plate) depends on the customer’s order. It can also serve with rice, but drinkers will surely love this dish as a ‘pulutan.’

New York Hotdog

New York Hotdog – Fan of hotdog sandwich? Never miss their New York Hotdog. It is one of the newly introduced dish here at Taste of Capitol.

Barbeque Ribs

Barbeque Ribs – Very juicy plus the meat is very soft. The honey barbeque sauce blended well and the serving of the dish is perfect for sharing. It is partnered with plain rice.

T-Bone Steak

T-Bone Steak – They also have this t-bone steak, on which you can choose on either mashed potatoes, fries or rice on the side.

Garlic Pasta with Shrimp

Garlic Pasta with Shrimp – Garlic Pasta topped with Parmesan Cheese and shrimps.

Pasta with Bacon Slices

Pasta with Bacon Slices – Fan of bacon? Yup! They also have this pasta dish with bacon topped with lots of Parmesan cheese.


Milkshake – a diner also wouldn’t be complete without a milkshake. Their milkshake taste really good! I love how rich the flavor of this milkshake is and absolutely will be one of the reasons on why I’ll surely visit Taste of Capitol often.

Set of Draft Beers 

'Sex in the Jungle'

They also served cocktails and beers. I love their Lychee-flavored beer so much. They have different cocktails such as ‘Sex in the Jungle,’ ‘Adios Mother F****r,’ and a lot more.

The Price

Most of their dishes only ranges for Php 250.00 below. Aside from the long list of available cocktails, most of their drinks are really affordable unlike other bars which I happened to try out so far. Aside from the dishes above, they also served Filipino breakfast dishes.

Aside from the dishes above, Taste of Capitol offers other American and Filipino dishes available every day. So if you are at around Quezon City and looking for a bistro-diner place, Taste of Capitol is a must-try place. Bring your family and friends and enjoy their delicious food and drink offerings today!

Taste of Capitol
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-2AM | Sat 10AM-3AM | Sun 7AM-11PM
JSB Building, Tomas Morato Avenue cor. Scout Delgado Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
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