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We Filipinos love to eat meat and fish belly dishes. Together with some plain or fried rice and egg, any dish will become a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fully Belly Craft Kitchen in Quezon City offers different Filipino, Asian and Italian dishes that suit the Filipino taste. I found another restaurant that serves mouth-watering dishes at very reasonable price.

The Place

Full Belly Craft Kitchen or Fully Belly is located at Sergeant Esguerra, Quezon City. Very near to GMA 7 building and in front of a high-rise condominium.

It may look small from the outside but as you enter, you will be welcome with a very rustic and comfortable ambiance. It makes you feel that you are transported back in 1980’s with the restaurant’s fixtures and interior design. It is a 2-storey vintage house (I presume) which is converted into a restaurant that can accommodate more than 50 people.

The Food

Before going here, I read some reviews about this restaurant and almost 90% of the reviews I read were positive, especially when it comes to the food. So I got curious about it and luckily, together with Sir Richard of Fully Belly, they provided some dishes that you should try when going here.

Here are some of Full Belly’s delectable breakfasts available. Their breakfast menu comes with free coffee for 7AM-10AM only:

Homemade Bangus Belly Sardine Style

Homemade Bangus Belly Sardine Style – An all-time favorite fish belly by many Pinoy, this bangus belly was prepared in a sardine style manner. Served in a sizzling plate, this dish melts in my mouth as I eat it. Really good!

Full Belly Tapa

Full Belly Tapa – Another all-time favorite by Pinoy when it comes to breakfast dish. Full Belly’s tapa is very soft and juicy, paired with 2 sunny side-up eggs and garlic fried rice. This is one of my most favorite dishes served.

Bacon Spinach Frittata

Bacon Spinach Frittata – Fan of bacon? This baked frittata with cheese, slices of bacon and spinach is also a must try. It is served with very soft and hot pandesal.

Full Belly also have available appetizers, perfect before starting with their delectable main course:

Baked Mussels

Baked Mussels – Served with large sizes of mussels, lots of cheese, bacon bits plus mashed potatoes at the bottom, this dish actually makes my tummy full already. It has a very rich flavor and if your kids are not a fan of seafood, you can order this dish to try.

Bagnet Ensalada

Bagnet Ensalada – Topped with our favorite bagnet together with mustard leaves, onions, tomatoes and salad sauce is a refreshing dish to try out.

Their main course:

Bagnet ni Kenneth

Bagnet ni Kenneth – This is the bagnet version by Chef Ken of Full Belly. Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed a bagnet dish as good as this because most of the time I feel like I am just eating fried pork dish. But this bagnet is sinfully delicious, very crispy pork skin, the whole slice is thick and the pork fat is soft. It is served with ensalada (mustard leaves, onions, tomatoes) which is perfect to eat together with this dish.

Wing Bean in Coconut Cream

Wing Bean in Coconut Cream – I love how the coconut cream blended well with the crispiness of the Wing Bean (sigarilyas), which makes me crave for rice! This dish is topped with slices of crispy bagnet and garlic flakes.

Curried Beef Belly

Curried Beef Belly – Topped with slices of scrambled eggs on top, this dish (beef binagoongan) makes me crave for green mangoes. I find it a bit salty but all in all, if you are a fan of binagoongan dish, this is also a must-try.

12 Hour Beef Belly Roast

12 Hour Beef Belly Roast – This beef belly is cooked with perfection. It is number one of my favorite dishes that I have tried here at Full Belly. The meat is very soft and it’s juicy as you bite. It is served with mashed potato and veggies on the side.

Tuna al Ajillo

Tuna al Ajillo – Tuna belly with flakes of garlic topped with some garlic chunks. Another melts in your mouth dish that is worth the try.

Here are some of the drink & desserts to try:

Home Brewed Iced Tea

Home Brewed Iced Tea – You shouldn’t miss trying their home brewed Iced Tea, served in a glass of mason jar with slices of fresh orange.

Baked Cheesecake with Bacon Jam

Baked Cheesecake with Bacon Jam – Honestly after hearing its name, it makes me think of how gross it would taste but it’s actually not. They made their own bacon jam and topped their baked cheesecake with it, it actually taste good.

Trio of Panna Cotta (Coconut Milk, Chocolate and Green Tea)

Trio of Panna Cotta – small cups of 3 panna cotta flavors (green tea, coconut milk and chocolate). I am a sucker of green tea and surely, their panna cotta green tea is good! Each one of them has the exact taste of what I like on the dessert—not too sweet and not bland. I just wish that they have an individual serving of each panna cotta soon.

The Price

What I love about Fully Belly, aside from their very delicious food is the price. Affordable and it is worth every penny you’ll be spending. And surely, this is one of the places where I can bring my family with me as their dishes are perfect for sharing.

Two thumbs up! If you are looking for a place to dine to enjoy your all-time favorite Pinoy dishes plus enjoy a very comfortable ambiance, great service plus affordable set of dishes, Fully Belly Craft Kitchen is a place to try. Don’t forget to bring your family and special ones with you!

Fully Belly Craft Kitchen
Opening Hours: 7AM - 10PM
5 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Contact number: 4128122
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