Unboxing and Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V

Just this year 2015, Samsung had launched a new unit together with their other Galaxy Tab line-up. It was launched last March 2015 and been released in the market since April 2015. This new Samsung Galaxy Tab specializes with its WiFi capability and a promising processor - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V.

I had this gadget with me since May 2015 and up to this date (July 2015), it never fail me to do my task especially my duties online and also play some mobile games. I’ve been using this gadget also as my e-reader during the night before I fell asleep. With this, I’ll be featuring a short unboxing plus review of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V.

What’s inside: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V (SM-T113NU)

Together with the tablet itself, inside the box are the accessories for Galaxy Tab 3V as follows:
Travel Adapter with microUSB Cord

You can choose to charge your Galaxy Tab thru plug or thru your USB port on your computer. You can also transfer file from your tab to your computer with the USB cord. (USB: microUSB v2.0)
Earphone with call receiver/microphone

White earphone with call receiver and built-in microphone with standard size (3.5mm) jack.
Warranty Card and Quick Start Guide

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V

178.00mm in thickness with 7” (inches) LCD, this Samsung Galaxy Tab is another product from Samsung, perfect for people who enjoy having a wide LCD tablet. It has a gorilla glass on its screen and textured back cover. Here is a short round-up of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V specs:

Review and Experience: Galaxy Tab 3V (SM-T113NU)

This Samsung Galaxy Tab unit is not SIM capable. Meaning, you can’t use this unit for texting and calling as it has no SIM card slot available. You can’t also use this unit for radio listening has it has no built-in radio unlike other mobile devices. For added storage, it is recommended to add a microSD card up to 32 GB.

As a user, I am satisfied with its battery life. On full charge, this unit can last up to 15 hours (WiFi on and on low brightness). Without using the WiFi and I only open my e-reader whenever I want to read, it can last up to 1 ½ - 2 days on.

With its speed, I can play some mobile games with moderate RAM usage with ease. I can also simultaneously use other social media apps. I’ve been tried opening 4 social media apps plus the browser and as of today, the unit is still running smoothly. It also boots fast and open apps fast enough.

It is also good for using a document reader and maker to view and make files. Also because of its wide screen, you can enjoy reading articles online, use it as an e-reader for your e-books and watch videos and movies with its WSVGA LCD.

For its camera, expect that it has quite low quality since it is only have a 2MP front and back. But when the area is properly lighted, the quality of the picture is not as bad as it looks. This unit has no flash available. Here are some sample shots (no edit) using the back camera:
Shot inside a cafe

Shot in a mansion at night

The estimated price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V is around Php 5,950.00.

If you are looking for a tablet despite of some of its flaws, you might want to consider owning a unit of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V. Enjoy your movie streaming plus article reading like no other, play mobile games and enjoy with its wide 7” screen plus its fast processor, perfect for a whole day of fun!

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