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We Filipinos love to pamper and make ourselves look good. We often go to our favorite salon and spa to avail different services that we like - hair coloring, hair rebonding, waxing, manicure and other pampering services. But what makes a salon popular to customers is the quality of product that they are using. With that, Beauty Lane Philippines has been an authority on salon supplies and beauty products in the country.

It's been a beautiful Saturday morning, where me and other bloggers were invited to experience Beauty Lane Philippines' exclusive brands for a pampering day. It was a day where I actually got to experience my eyelashes being pampered and extended plus applying color to my hair for the first time. I am excited!

We went to their Training Center at Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The place is well-equipped with salon fixtures and with full stock of the products that they distribute. It's a place where they trained beauticians on how to use the products. With that, I'll be starting to share my experiences!

While my blogger friends enjoying their hair getting dyed, I was the first to try out their Eyelash Extension using Fabulash.

Fabulash is the first and only local beauty brand of professional eyelash extension that gives you the volume and length you’ve always dreamed of. It's been also the first BFAD approved brand of eyelash extension in the country.

It comes with the Fabulash synthetic eyelashes, primer, bonding glue, gel remover and other accessories. With Fabulash, the beautician will glue the synthetic eyelashes on your existing eyelashes which will end up having more volume and longer length. You don't have to use falsies everyday!

I got to try these Fabulash Eyelash Extension and I am very pleased with the result. It's not even heavy and makes me forget that I have them on my eyelids. My eyelashes became thicker and longer and I love it!

It can last up to 4-5 weeks but of course it depends on the person. She needs to take care of it and try to avoid the habitual rubbing of the eyes. You also need to avoid putting mascara (which is technically, you won't be needing it anymore).

It's time for hair coloring! With that, Beauty Lane Philippines is an official distributor of Elgon in the country.

Elgon is one of the leading brand on hair care for 40 years. Originated in Milan, Italy, Elgon has been the brand which hair dressers recommended to use. They developed through the creation and production of effective, delicate and pleasant hair dyes and cosmetics, as well as the provision to salons of specific training and approaches to enhancing beauty.

I choose to have a red color on my hair. Since my hair is purely black, the beautician applied a light strength bleach on my hair to lower its hue. It's turns out to be brown then he applied a light red color to my hair. I love the result, I love my new hair color!

It may not as red as the picture but it's not a striking shade of red (which is what I preferred). The product smells lighter compared to other brands which have a strong smell. It is also less itchy as what I am expecting. Elgon has different shades of color available for the customer to pick. No need to envy the Italian beauty anymore as Elgon brings its expertise on hair care in our country.

Aside from Elgon and Fabulash, Beauty Lane also brings exclusive brands such as Brazilian Blowout, Gigi, Ardell, Credo, Ceriotti, and Salon Solutions in the country.

As of today, Beauty Lane continues to expand for bigger and better things not only for itself but also for the hundreds of its salon partners with and the thousands of customers who continue to rave about the brands it carries.

Interested to have a salon or spa for your business? Be sure to visit Beauty Lane's training center to learn more about the products that will suit for your salon needs.

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