Meow-ning Cuteness at Gilmore Cat Cafe

It is proven that animals such as cats and dogs can relieve stress and loneliness to a person. Seeing their cuteness and also cuddling them is surely one of great things in the world. But have you tried going to a cafe where you can also interact with cats? At Gilmore Cat Cafe, you can enjoy the cafe ambiance plus get to interact with the cuddly and bubbly cats.

Gilmore Cat Cafe is located along the busy street of Gilmore at Cubao, where techies go and purchase computer hardwares and other tech materials. Very noticeable cafe as it has a big signage and located along the street where PUVs passed by everyday.

They started last May 2015 with the aim of having a cafe on which cat lovers and foodies will go and drop by. As of today, they have booming number of customers and they are starting to add additional menus and fixtures at the cafe.

Some of the snack and refreshment to enjoy. Strawberry Shake and gigantic Blueberry Muffin.

It is a 2-storey cafe where at the first floor is the actual cafe, which can accommodate approx. 30 people inside. While the second floor is where the cats are which the staffs can only allowed 10 persons at a time.

Before you can access the second floor, the staffs would be giving you instructions on how to behave with the cats and the rules and regulations. There would also be a mandatory waiver for your safety. They would ask you to remove your shoes/slippers and use their slippers instead. And more importantly, you need to sanitize before you proceed at the cats' place.

Look at these cute slippers!

As of today, Gilmore Cat Cafe has 10 bubbly and adorable cats. I love each one of them! But of course who catches my attention were Bubbles, Garfield, Mina, Hassan and Cloud.

Cat's playground. I can't capture every side of the second floor place but it's spacious for the cats to roam and for the customers to relax.

Here are some of the images I manage to capture inside. I am very anxious of taking photos since I am afraid of making a mistake (accidentally use the flash of my phone, which is a NO-NO to the cats).

Here are the rates for Gilmore Cat Cafe:

*Consumables - it is the amount worth of which you can spend on ordering food. (Ex: Php 150.00 consumable meaning you have Php 150.00 worth of food/drinks to order).

They also sell cat-printed souvenirs like socks, coin purse, key chains and plushies.

After two months of their soft-opening, Gilmore Cat Cafe will have their grand launch on August 9, 2015! For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Facebook event page to know more on how to get tickets. See you at the grand opening!

I am honestly not a fan of cats. But seeing them here at Gilmore Cat Cafe is really a sight to remember. And seeing the whole management taking care of the cats, I am actually doubting why other people keeps on saying negative reviews about them. I would just silently hope that every one will just unite, talk in peace and continue spreading love for the cats.

Be sure to visit Gilmore Cat Cafe for a purr-fect afternoon bonding with the cats!

Gilmore Cat Cafe
Opening hours: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
T2-R6 Xavier Hills Condominium, Granada Street, Quezon City
Follow them on Facebook | Instagram

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