Hotel Review: V Hotel Manila

Alongside with numerous hotels, restaurants and bars, V Hotel Manila is one of the place to stay at Malate, Manila especially for the foreigners who loves travel or have a night hopping near Manila Bay. If you are looking for a place to stay for a staycation at the city, you might want to consider V Hotel.

V Hotel Manila is located at M.Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila. It is 2-street away from Robinson's Ermita and also Manila Bay. A 9-floor building equipped with WiFi connection per floor, a cafe at the Mezzanine and a pool at the roof deck.

I stayed at their Standard Room (good for 2 persons). It is not as spacious as I am expecting. The space of the room is a bit enough for the 2 persons to move around. Appliances (on my room) such as the television and air-conditioning unit is not as high-end as other hotels. The bed otherwise, is big and spacious. The restroom is quite small though but the shower fixtures are good. No bath tub available.

They have other amenities here at V Hotel as follows:

  • While waiting for your turn to be accommodated, you can enjoy reading local and foreign magazines at their mini lobby area.

  • Located at the Mezzanine floor is the EAT.Cafe. Enjoy their very delicious comfort food dishes. I personally like their cafe and tried them 2 times already and will surely come back soon. You can read my food review at EAT.Cafe here.

  • Feeling bored and like to watch television shows with your friends? You can spend your time at their mini-lounge area.

  • I did mention about the pool. Here at V Hotel, you can enjoy soaking and swimming at their 5 feet pool which is open from 7am-10pm. You can enjoy the view of the city from the roof deck.

Their staffs are fast and accommodating. Also the front desk staffs are well-trained to talk especially to their foreign guests. For the security, each room has an equipped card lock. You should not lose the card or else there would be no electricity at your room. The card acts as the room key and also the energy saving switch.

The price for the standard room is Php 1,800.00. As a local who lives here in Manila and happened to stay in other hotels too, I find the price as neutral. It means its either too expensive or not. I consider the fact that the room is actually small and not all rooms have good fixtures. I also consider the price of the other hotel which is much expensive compared to V Hotel. Since this hotel targets foreign customers, this rate might be a low price compared to other hotels around the area.

Overall, my stay at V Hotel Manila is not as disappointing as it looks like. It is one of the place to stay if you happened to be around Malate. And aside from the stay, you can enjoy their sumptuous food and their amenities. An ideal place to stay for traveling business people as well as avid travelers.

Mushroom Fritters and Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

French Toast with Sausage and Egg and Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Omelette

Sumptuous breakfast at EAT.Cafe located at their Mezzanine floor.

Remedios Circle. View from the roof deck

V Hotel Manila
1766 M.Adriatico St., Malate, Manila, Philippines
Always Open | Check-in time: 2:00PM - Check-out time: 12:00PM the next day

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