Food Review: Taza de Oro Food Garden

For Chinese and Singaporean cuisine lovers, a restaurant who served delicious dishes is a must-try place, whichever place they are located. At the heart of Greenhills, San Juan lies a Chinese restaurant which serves delicious Chinese and Singaporean cuisines perfect for the whole family. Taza de Oro Food Garden ensures that every dishes is a must-try with guarantee of freshness.

Taza de Oro is located at Madison Square, Greenhills, San Juan City. If you are from Greenhills Shopping Center, it's just 2 streets away from the mall. Like other Chinese restaurants, Taza de Oro is surrounded with big round tables perfect for big families. With approx. more than 50 persons can accommodate inside, the place is separated into 2 sections: Tazamix which is the place where they served hot pots (shabu-shabu) and grilled dishes and Taza de Oro proper.

Taza de Oro is already in their 5 years in serving Chinese and Singaporean dishes to Filipinos. Started last September 2010, this family-owned business faced lots of trials as they have huge competitors as year passed by. But the quality of the food plus their prices is what makes the customers go back at Taza de Oro.

Of course it wouldn't be complete if we will not try their dishes. Here are some of the dishes available at Taza de Oro:

Seafood Spinach Soup
Seafood Spinach Soup - A perfect soup to start of with the dishes. Enjoy the small chunks of seafood while its still hot.

Mixed Cold Cuts
Mixed Cold Cuts - Appetizer? Enjoy this dish with 2 variety of meat cuts. Topped with sesame seeds with noodles at the center, enjoy this dish perfect with their sauces.

Buttered Lapu-Lapu Fish Fillet
Buttered Lapu-Lapu Fish Fillet - With deep-fried whole Lapu-lapu fish at the center, you'll be surprise on how the presentation of this dish would be. Crispy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, enjoy this fish fillet with their 2 sauces: the butter sauce and sweet and sour sauce. For me, it is much better with the butter sauce. But I tried mixing both sauces together and I discovered it is more delicious. This dish is served with some mango salsa.

Braised Patatim with Cuapao
Braised Patatim with Cuapao - Very soft to bite Patatim meat plus the tasty sauce makes you crave for some rice. But you can enjoy this dish more if you put the meat inside the cuapao. This dish is served with 12 pcs of cuapao and a big bowl of braised patatim. Very perfect for sharing.

Taza de Oro Fried Rice
Fried Rice - With bits of sausages and omelette, this Taza de Oro Fried Rice is one of the recommended rice dish to order here. It is served in cup or in a bowl which is good for sharing.

Golden Butter Chicken
Golden Butter Chicken - Taza de Oro's best selling dish. Looks ordinary? Looks can be deceiving sometimes. I thought this dish is just a plain fried chicken but after having my first bite, the powerful flavor of the butter makes this dish perfect. Crispy fried and tender meat inside, perfect to match with the fried rice.

Crispy Pancit Canton

Crispy Pancit Canton - This is also one of their best-selling from their noodle dishes. It is served with the crispy noodle in a big plate, and aseparated big bowl of mixed seafood and vegetable sauce. It is for the customer to feel free to put as much or less sauce in this dish. Another perfect for sharing dish for the whole family.

Mixed Seafood Broccoli

Mixed Seafood Broccoli - Veggie lovers might find this dish perfect for them. Enjoy the crispy broccoli with clams, shrimps and squid topped with white sauce.

Halo-halo Turon and Buchi

Halo-halo Turon and Buchi - If you love desserts, of course your Taza de Oro experience wouldn't be complete without desserts. Our favorite halo-halo dessert is wrapped and deep-fried, with the combination of perfect sweetness and crispiness. The Buchi is also crispy with tasty red-bean paste inside.
Mango Sago

Mango Sago - This refreshing dessert is also a must-try. The mango is a bit sour but matches well with the sweetness of the mango juice.

For the list of prices, you may visit Taza de Oro on Zomato at:

Prices are very reasonable. You can adjust depending on the number of people who will eat since they have 3 types of sizes (small, medium and large) on some of their best for sharing dishes like noodles, rice and meat dishes. Aside from that, they have wide variety of dishes available.

Be sure to visit Taza de Oro for your Chinese cuisine fix. They also served breakfast and Singaporean dishes which you can also try. A perfect place to bring the whole family and have an enjoyable lunch or dinner with them.

Taza de Oro Food Garden
Opening hours: 7AM-10PM
Madison Square, Madison Street cor. Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City
WiFi ✔ | Air-Conditioned ✔ | Service Charge
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